Back to School Welcome Letter

Welcome Letters

A welcome letter is given out when a certain program either begins or continues after a long break. Usually given out at schools when the students are to return after a long break or vacation and the new educational year is to begin. Welcome letters consists of inspirational welcoming statements that motivate the receiver for giving back good results.

Back to school welcome letter

The back to school welcome letter is handed out to students after they return to school from their holiday to start the next educational year. Teachers must inform the students of the new curriculum and outline of the new syllabus for informational purposes. The teachers can follow the useful and prompt template formed specifically for the purpose by Microsoft Word available for free. The letter for welcome back to school designed using Microsoft Word consists of a list of requirements of school supplies for the students, the teacher’s policy for grading their progress that year, the events that are upcoming in school and the volunteer opportunities suggested for the students. This template makes everything easier and direct to explain. You can also follow this template for making back to academic year welcome letter for your own school and let the students of your institute know about the future requirements and opportunities for them in the upcoming year.


back to school welcome letter


Back to School Welcome Letter

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Use this ready made sample of welcome letter to send to the students attending upcoming academic year. It is completely in prepared letter in terms of welcome text. However, it needs to be customize as per every user’s particular case. It is completely editable with all text input fields.

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