Consulting Price Worksheet

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No matter at what level one may work, what is necessary is that they should always take realistic figures to design their further steps and strategies. But yes! In most of the cases, it is the duty of accounts or finance department to perform all sorts of calculations and then pass on to other departments. Pricing is one element that has to be considered before you do anything. For the perfect pricing, it is very important that you present not only a good format but ensure that all the calculation method is well acceptable. We help you in this regard by providing well-designed worksheets.

Our consulting pricing worksheets have been designed with an aim to give you perfect pricing figures. The worksheets are easy to download and work on. Every time there is a different situation for which you have to calculate pricing and show the most feasible project to follow on is.

These worksheets are very simple to use as you just have to insert the values and numbers in the given boxes. The calculation will be done automatically making your life easy. However, you have to ensure that you have entered the right value. One small error can lead to wrong results. This can be downloaded by anyone even if he/she is not from the finance department to perform other pricing calculations that are required by that particular department. The worksheet can be easily customized as per the needs of your organization. Perfect pricing decisions can be one positive growth factor for your company.


Consulting price worksheet


Consulting Price Worksheet

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