Family Photo Calendar [Any Year]

Photo Calendar

Memories live forever when captured in a photograph. The new age is obsessed with savoring every moment in their lives. Hence, the preference towards smart phones and camera phones is justified. Digital photography though affordable and in reach of everyone these days cannot replace the touch of print photography. Print photography still evokes beauty and impact in each click. It makes the moments come alive. Such photographs are special when taken with family because those are the people we hold the dearest to our hearts. It is a natural instinct to love your family and miss them when they are away. That is why we put photographs on the wall to remember them always. But what if they could also be set in to your walls in the form of a useful tool?

The revolutionary family photo calendar to always keep you close to family

A family photo calendar can let you have a calendar with freedom of choosing your family photos to be the star of your wall. These could be easily printed by placing digital photos into them. The special moments may be indicated by putting their photos into the calendar to show affection towards your family. Our family photo calendar 2015 has two spaces, vertical and horizontal for photos and the calendar for the whole year. The year is mentioned at the top right of the calendar which can be renewed with the start of every New Year. Download our family photo calendar now to make a pretty collage of family pictures in a useful way and design it your own way.

family photo calendarFamily Photo Calendar [Any Year]

Provided by: ENERGY corp.

This is an MS Excel file and you can utilize this calendar for any year. You can change each year from right above corner with the start of every New Year. Select your favorite family picture to replace with the given one.

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