Invoice Templates for Excel

If you are in a business and offering services or products to different customers and you want to be paid by your customers in a quick time then nothing is a better way than preparing and sending a billing statement invoice. This billing invoice can be used by product or service and using an invoice makes it sure that you are able to communicate all the details about products or services, quantity and rates to avoid any kind of confusion and you will be paid in given time without having many issues.


Billing Statement invoice

By sending a proper billing invoice ensures that no confusion is created on the amounts to be paid by your customers. A simple billing invoice template is easy to use and can be easily modified and customized as per your specifications and requirements and for additions if you want to make. By filling out all the relevant fields you can send this simple invoice to your customers.

This invoice template as the name suggests is simple in design and contains almost all the necessary information required for billing. This invoice is easy to calculate totals, sales tax and if any discounts are offered that can be deducted. The template is the easiest to use invoice and does not have any complicated features. The template uses only two basic formulas, one is used to calculate subtotal and the other is used to calculate the tax. Just in case you don’t want to charge tax to your customers, then just leave the box of the tax rate as zero.

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In this advanced era of information technology now different difficult things are becoming possible through online technology. As the other things have improved through the web and the internet, similarly business has explored new opportunities for advancement. In the online world, one classic and efficient example are the use of sales invoice template that is being used by different professionals and businesses for their official requirements. A big thanks to advance technology now the things that once were possible in days are now possible in minutes through the internet.

sales invoice templateNow manpower and involvement of physical resources are almost finished and use of email and other online platforms has emerged.

Now we are no more dependent on expensive courier services or any postal services for the delivery and handing over of different bills and receipts for our business purposes. The requirement for sales invoice was discovered and felt a fast and safe option because of few very valid reasons and also it’s very cheap as compared to high cost postal and courier services.

Apart from paying high costs for postal and courier services some other issues like delays, nondelivery and non-receiving of paper mode was a big problem. But on the other hand, when you are sending online sales invoice to your clients, it instantly reaches its destination that is inbox of your receiver and a lot of time and cost is saved and you also get confirmation of receipt of the same. And also because the calculations are made through systems so there are no chances of errors.

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Letter refunding invoice is a template that is used to send a letter of refund to a customer who has been overcharged. This refund letter is for a use whenever any customer was wrongly billed and refunding was necessary. The contents of this letter refunding invoice include the invoice number, the date, and the overcharge amount that was overcharged.

This letter is also used to extend a sincere apology for overcharging the customer and a cheque for the overcharged amount is enclosed with this letter. Letter refunding invoice is considered to be an important letter invoice because it is used to serve as a comprehensive record of all the refunds of customers.

letter refunding invoiceThis letter for refund includes the information about the parties i.e. name and address of customer and company who were overcharged. This letter refunding invoice also includes information about the refund, the invoice number, date, over-billed amount and the correct amount.

Letter refunding invoice is also considered to be very important for image building and brand image of your company. Whenever a customer is overcharged, this creates a real bad image of your company and can really damage the business of your company. Therefore this sample letter refunding invoice is not only a tool to pay back the refund amount but also a tool to offer a sincere apology for this mistake and by explaining all the details that why this mistake occurred and how you will be careful in future transactions while dealing with this customer. It is your duty to make it sure that you don’t lose business with this customer due to this incident of overcharging.

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Contractor invoice template is a statement that gives a brief idea about the cost of services rendered for a contractor for a specific client over a certain period of time. Generally, people hire professionals having expertise and resources in their field when we need to get some project done. A hired contractor acts as a focal person who oversees a specific project and plays his role in improving the quality of work done. There are a number of types of different contractors.

A person who is responsible for constructing our house or building is known as a construction contractor. In some organizations, different people are hired on contract basis for a specific period of time to work on a specific project and once the project is completed, the contract is also finished.

contractor invoice template

And as the contract ends, the contract raises the bill for his services offered during the contract period and this bill is invoiced through contractor invoice template. The period of a contract depends on the nature of the work that has to be completed within given time.

A contractor invoice template is available on different websites for free download as contractor invoice. This invoice template is available in different formats and different colors. Contractor invoice has the space to mention all the relevant information about the unit, quantity, price and other relevant things for both labor and materials. This contractor invoice template is available in DOC, XLS spreadsheet, and PDF as well and can be adjusted and modified by contractors according to requirements. By making a little effort, this invoice template can be made more elegant and professional.

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