Rental Invoice Template

As the name suggests, rental invoice template is used where leasing activities and transactions are involved. Leasing means related to anything that was given by a third party for a temporary used and rent will be charged for the same temporary use by using this rental invoice template. This is purely a short term arrangement spread over a short period of time and the user has to return that specific item that is being used, after a given time period. These days, everything can be hired on rental basis from a car to carriage. The ownership of the rented items remains on the other name while a third party uses it. The value and rental charges vary for different items depending upon the nature of the rented item.

Once the rental services have been delivered and it’s time to bill the client, the rental invoice template is used for getting payment and this template includes all the details of rented items, time period, rate and total amount to be paid in a given time frame. If the client does not respond to this rental invoice by paying the billed amount then rental billing statement is used to send this client reminders about the payment.

This statement helps in keeping track of all the invoices, payment and late fee charges if applicable. This rental invoice template includes the information about sending company, about the receiving company and about the company to whom services are provided. The rental invoice includes every bit of details of rental services that gives a very clear idea about the services and the amount resulted by the rendering of these services.

Rental invoice