Tenant Pet Keeping Contract

If you’re a tenant, you must know that being a tenant you’re supposed to abide by the rules and regulations that you agree on with your landlord. When someone rents you their place, they sometimes refuse to grant you permission to keep pets of all types or of certain types. There could be many reasons why they do so. Sometimes, it is not sure whether the pet owner is good at keeping his pet or not. Apart from food habits, there are other things that matter. If the hygiene of the pet is ignored it may cause a spread of germs of diseases that would eventually affect not only the tenant or his family but others in the vicinity as well. In other cases, pets like dogs may cause disturbance if are not tamed well. These are a few conditions due to which landlords refuse to grant permission to tenants for pet keeping.

If you love pets and can’t think of living without them you may be feeling sad to know that your landlord wouldn’t allow you pets but hold on; there’s a way out. Not all landlords are rigid. There are some who you can convince for pet keeping. Since rent agreements usually don’t always have minute details or you may want to make a pet keeping contract in the middle of your rent contract, there are tenant pet keeping contracts that can help. These contracts allow a tenant to keep pets according to the conditions as mentioned in the contract.

A tenant pet keeping contract usually has;

  • Permission to keep pets of certain types
  • Conditions that should be fulfilled while keeping a pet
  • Details of pet
  • Compensations tenant has to make in case of any damage made by pet or by the contract is
  • Signatures of both the tenant and the landlord.

If you’re looking for one such contract, have a look at these tenant pet keeping contract forms given below.

Tenant pet keeping contract

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