Vehicle Damage, Incident, Inspection and Maintenance Reports

Vehicle Damage Report Template

A vehicle damage report is usually filled to assess the damage caused to a vehicle. Any vehicle under different circumstances may come to have damage. It is good to prepare its damage report so that one can have a proof to present it as per needed. Usually it is done to present to insurance companies to get that damage paid. A comprehensive and correctly filled damage report form is needed for this purpose. Sometimes a vehicle is hired on rent, and if this vehicle gets damaged the company would definitely ask about the damage detail and cause. In this particular template attached with this, detailed information is needed to be filled like: General information which includes name of company, registration number, complete address, contact number, fax, and the person who prepare report with his/her designation.

vehicle damage report form template

Other information required to fill-in about detailed damage report is what type of vehicle was that damaged, date and day of damage, location of damage, vehicle license number, driver’s name, driving license number, nature of damage, any casualties of human life, description of injuries, medical treatment of injuries and persons involved in damage etc.

All these above mentioned details are given in the sample vehicle damage report template. The given vehicle damage report template is designed and prepared using Microsoft Word. It is best designed to use in its original format. However, the report template can be edit or customize accordingly. The layout and design can be changed as per user’s requirement. A well prepared report always comes from the analysis and interpretation of data in the tabulation.

Download: Vehicle Damage Report Sample






Vehicle Incident Report Template

A vehicle incident report template is usually filled by a person or a commercial organization about an incident which is happened with a vehicle. A concerned person or organization may require to write all details and damage caused to the vehicle. The form is a comprehensive way to write all details. It may be in the form of Question Answers, check box or just in YES or NO. The concerned person and authority filling this form will put its information first and then detail of incident occurred. The basic information related to person or authority will be name of the person or organization, complete address, contact number, email, fax, report prepared by whom with designation etc.

vehicle incident report form template
The information related to vehicle could be vehicle type, model number, year of manufacturing, registration number, date and location of incident. Information related to incident such as activity of person inside vehicle at the time of incident, brief description of incident, causes and nature of incident, any injury or damage caused by the incident, how many persons are affected, cost of vehicle damage will also be written in detail.

Any other information like: Is medical treatment provided to the person?, cost of medication, was vehicle insured?, insurance company details in case vehicle was insured, insurance cover details, any other party involved in the incident or the witnesses with complete information, date of submission of the form and the recipient detail with signature must include. A detailed report template including all above mentioned requirements is available to download.

Download: Vehicle Incident Report Sample





Vehicle Inspection Report Template

A vehicle inspection report form is generally filled by organizations or departments to prepare a report about the condition and maintenance of a vehicle. The report form offers best way to present the case. The report form helps to have an idea of the present condition and performance of the vehicle that can be very helpful in future. The report form is filled by having information related to organization and vehicle’s complete condition. The general information related to organization or department is its complete name, head of organization or department, complete address, contact number, email, fax, the name of person who is preparing report and his/her designation.

vehicle inspection report form template

The details or information needed for vehicle inspection can be report duration, report nature: yearly, half yearly or monthly, total number of vehicles to inspect about, type of vehicle: Bus or truck or van, vehicle model and year of manufacturing, total number of drivers available to drive, brief description of vehicle’s condition, any damage or loss of vehicle, reasons and nature of accident etc.

The report form in itself serves as legal document in case of lawsuit. The form can also be used to serve as future assessment of the vehicle. Adding expert engineer or trainee’s report is mandatory. Insurance related issues of the vehicle should be mentioned. Was it insured or not, Does the claim is acceptable and If the damage is categorized to acceptable for insured companies.

The attached free printable vehicle inspection report form is fully equipped to contain all above mentioned details. One can download and use this form in its original format. However, one can customize and print this report form as per one’s requirement. Preview is available also.

Download: Vehicle Inspection Report Sample




Vehicle Maintenance Report Form

A vehicle maintenance report is usually prepared by a person or commercial organization about the maintenance of the vehicle it possess. An individual or organization both can use this report template to keep a record of the vehicle’s condition. This form is very handy to keep a record of maintenance activities of one’s vehicle. It is always appreciable to keep one’s vehicle in good condition. Updating and keeping record of vehicle’s condition really helps to keep it working in good condition. The form will contain both: The personal and vehicle maintenance information. Personal information is the basic information related to the owner. It is usually people or company/ organization’s name, complete address, contact number, email, fax, department and designation of the individual who prepares the report.

The required information to write for vehicle’s maintenance can be type of vehicle, model number, year of manufacture, registration number of vehicle, time since the vehicle is being used, either single or multiple persons are driving vehicle etc.

Information like mileage, present condition of the vehicle, how many times it has been maintained already, is there any severe damage the vehicle had, purpose of maintenance, the agency doing maintenance, any spare parts changed or removed, engine’s condition, major fault or complaint found during maintenance, the condition of critical parts of vehicle is very handy to write.

vehicle maintenance report template
In the end mechanic’s details such as his/her complete name, contact number and complete address is required to verify the maintenance for some insurance issues.

Download: Vehicle Maintenance Report Sample