Baby Growth Chart Template

Having children is the need and desire of every man and woman. But the hard part is to take care of the baby and to bring them up in the best of ways. The doctor advice parents in a way to provide better health and nutrition to their children so that the children can grow strong and healthy.

The health of a young child is very important. The health we gain in our youth helps us when we get old. Standards have been developed to help assess the growth of children. Every child has a different way to grow. Some children are healthier than others. Some children sleep more while others enjoy playing and being active. Comparisons can be made among different children but the reality is that every child has his/her own pace to grow.

A child’s height and weight are affected by various factors such as nutrition, genetics, hormones, and lifestyle. The family inheritance affects the height and weight of a child. So in such a situation it becomes hard for the doctors to judge the height and weight of every child. Doctors can use baby charts as a standard to measure the growth. Baby charts help the doctors to compare the growth among different children and study their growth patterns. A growth chart can tell the growth proportion of a child and if that proportion changes, a baby growth chart can help to analyze that.

Girls and boys have different growth levels. So they have different growth charts for measurement. Baby growth charts are different for a different set of ages as well. For a newly born baby, the baby growth chart measures the height, weight and the circumference of the head. As the child starts growing, the doctors along with the height and weight, also measure the body mass of the child.

Measuring the circumference of the head is very important as it indicates the growth of the brain. If the height and weight of a child are not growing in equal or a reasonable proportion, it indicates a problem. The baby growth charts measures growth in percentiles. And the percentiles are represented by curves and graphs. Download the following template to prepare a chart for your baby.


Baby Growth Chart Template


Format: MS Excel 2003 & Later