Yard Service Invoice

Maintaining a beautiful yard is a passion and hobby for a lot of people. Some people will turn their hobbies into a business and make money out of their passion. We all have grown up watching our parents or even grandparents taking care of the house gardens & yards.

Having a beautiful clean yard is not only a treat for your eyes but it can also add on to some health benefits in our life. The green grass we see in every yard can help control the climate temperature. In very hot weather, the yards can help provide a cooling effect. Greenery has the ability to track the pollutants in our environment and provide us with clean and green air to breathe.

We all feel that we are living in a very noisy and dirty environment. One the reasons for the noise pollution we experience is because of cutting down the trees. Greenery and trees help us maintain balanced lives. Greenery and vegetation also stop the chemicals from entering the soil and further polluting it.

According to a research, a lawn of 50×50 produces enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe. Maintaining a good yard can give a soothing effect in our lives and help us attain a balanced blood pressure. A good environment is not only important for human beings rather it can have a healthy effect on birds and insects as well.

A yard service invoice includes:

  • Details of the service provider
  • Details of the customer
  • Description of the services acquired
  • Additional expenses incurred
  • Labor rate per hour
  • Taxes applicable


Yard Services Invoice for EXCEL


Format: MS Excel: 2003 & Later Size 42KB