Birthday Invitation Cards

Birthdays are a time of celebrations and so it is very common to arrange a gathering that will be attended by friends and family. Even though this is the era of internet and technology, people have kept some traditions that are a part of arranging gatherings. One tradition that has been carried out throughout the years is that of invitation cards no matter what the occasion. Whether hand-made or generated online the invitation is created to send out to friends and family to inform them of an upcoming celebration gathering.

Designing and manually editing invitation cards can be a tedious task, especially when trying to make them look identical. Finding a decent type of invite and buying a large amount of the invite can also be time-consuming and costly. Therefore, the best way to creating birthday invitation cards without wasting time and money is to use the internet and the printer.

There are a lot of options and templates to choose from online. These templates can then be downloaded and further edited to the likes of the user. The templates come in all shapes and sizes with different fonts and colors. Similarly, the templates layout can be both, formal and informal, filled with pictures to create a lively effect or plain elegant looking invites. If the user likes two kinds of templates they can edit the two together to get their desired outcome.

MS Word is a great way to design and edit templates. This word processing software allows the user to download from online or choose from the templates provided by the software itself. Furthermore, the editing tools of the programme are very user-friendly.

Below are a few templates and descriptions of the birthday invitation templates:


Birthday invitation card sample


With one look at this card, the reader instantly grasps the message being relayed. The brightly colored balloons and the colorful words, ‘Happy Birthday’, in a large font catch the reader’s eye immediately. The background is a light pink that makes the information displayed on the card stand out. Furthermore, the information is relayed on to the card in clear details that easy to read and understand.



Sample birthday invitation card


This template has been designed to display a very calm yet excitement-filled invitation to a birthday party. The invitation has been bordered with different images that confirm the message of the card that is a celebration. Information regarding the birthday party has been displayed in the center of the card with a plain background so that the information is readable without getting distracted by the busy borders. As the information is individually written, it highlights the text and makes a greater impact on the memory of the reader.



Birthday invitation card


With just one look at this invitation card, the reader can tell it is an invitation for the celebration of a birthday. The font style of the words ‘Happy Birthday’ creates the effect of excitement and happiness which are backed by the gift and balloon pictures at the left side of the card. Information regarding the date of the party, where it is being held and the RSVP information has been displayed in a manner to appear separate from each other and highlighted against the busy appearance of the card.



Birthday invitation card


The party banners, the balloons and the detailing around the words ‘Happy Birthday’ instantly create an effect of excitement and joy. With the colorful background and texts, there is no doubt the card is an invitation for a celebration. Furthermore, the location, the date of the party and the RSVP contact have been added in individual colors to appear distinguishable against the background of the invitation. This template can be used for both children as well as a humor-filled invite for an adult.



Sample Card for Birthday Invitations


The body colored balloons bordering the top part of the invitation followed by the color-filled bold lettered font of the words ‘Happy Birthday’. In this template, the information has been displayed in a very simple layout. All of the info, the date, the venue, and the RSVP contact, is colored differently making it stand out against each other. The overall effect creates an air of excitement.


Invitation card for birthday

The neutral colored invitation cards are very pleasing to look at as they create a warm effect on the receiver. The background of the card is filled with balloons that are lightly colored as to not distract the reader from the text written on it, while at the same time relaying the message of a celebration. The space for the venue, date and the contact information has been placed strategically so that it is easy to locate and read on the card.



Card for Birthday Invitation

A great way to make the message of an invitation card to use light neutral backgrounds and detailing that makes the text of the card stand out. This birthday party template has been designed with a party banner to allow the receiver to immediately grasp the message of the card that is a celebration. Furthermore, the inviting tone of the card has been created by the provision of a venue address, the date of the party and contact information of the person arranging the gathering.



Sample card for birthday invitations

This birthday invitation card has been designed in neutral colors that can be used for both males and females. The detailing with the balloons and the animated version of the wall party decoration immediately catch the eye of the people receiving the invitation. Furthermore, an appropriate amount of information has been added to the card to display the date, the venue and the contact information of the person holding the party.



Birthday invitation card

The eye-catching colors of this birthday invitation are sure to attract the receiving person’s attention, especially the detailed drawing for the word ‘Birthday’. The card layout in landscape format is both, children and adult friendly, with easy to understand contact information and highlighted date of the party.



Invitation card sample for birthday

The simple layout makes a great birthday card as it is made up of lively colors that are sure to brighten the receiver’s day. This kind of card is commonly used for children’s birthday party invitations but can also definitely be used as a fun invitation for an adult. The title and the picture of the clown immediately relay the message of an invitation for a celebration. With easy to understand venue location and the date of the party highlighted in a bold color.