Wedding Invitation Tracker for Excel

Weddings are ceremonies that need a lot of pre-planning. Sometimes, it becomes hard to keep a track of all the arrangements and to ensure, if everything is being carried out according to the scheduled dates. The invitation of the guests is one of the most important preparations, that need to be done in a timely manner, with special attention, so that no relative or friend is left out due to negligence. In addition, all the wedding arrangements are mainly based on the number of guests, that are coming to the wedding. This is where a wedding invitation tracker becomes a savior.

What is a wedding invitation tracker?

A wedding invitation tracker is an excel spreadsheet that keeps a check on the guest list of a certain wedding that is being planned. It records the details of the guests whether the invitations are sent to them if they are coming or not, and what gift is being suggested to them. It helps in identifying the total number of guests coming so that the arrangements can be made accordingly.

What are the benefits of a wedding invitation tracker?

A wedding invitation tracker can be of help in many ways, such as:

  • Timely invitations and arrangements.

It will help in sending invitations on time. It will highlight any pending invitations as well as the number of days left in the wedding so that the invitations can be sent on time, and the related arrangements can be made.

  • Helps in avoiding any negligence.

As the tracker records everything, it aids in ensuring no important guest is left out.

  • Indicates the total number of confirmed guests attending the function.

Knowing the number of confirmed guests is very important, as the food and sitting arrangements are to be made accordingly. The invitation tracker helps in tracking the actual number of guests attending the wedding.

  • Aids in planning.

The details presented in a tracker can help in planning the wedding effectively.

  • Monitoring expenses.

If a proper track of guests is not kept, it might result in extra expenses. That is because, if the number of guests, for which arrangements have been made, exceeds the actual number of guests coming, the money spent on the guests, who did not come, gets wasted.

What are the main components of a wedding invitation tracker?

The person or company, that is arranging a wedding, can customize the wedding invitation tracker according to the needs of the client, by including different details, varying from one client to another. However, generally, the following are the main components of a wedding invitation tracker:

  • Wedding date.
  • Days left for the wedding.
  • Guest name.
  • Category of the guest (e.g. rsvp, family or friend, guest of bride or groom, etc.).
  • Address of the guest.
  • Contact number.
  • Email address.
  • Invitation sent (yes or no).
  • Medium of sent invitation (courier, email, WhatsApp, phone, etc.)
  • Consent given by the guest.
  • Awaiting responses.
  • Gift suggested.
  • Total guests invited.
  • Total guests coming.
Wedding invitation tracker template