Project Bid Tracking Template

Bid Tracking

Bidding is a natural phenomenon in the business, and it is really exciting to compare different bids to select one best. To make your work easy, it will be good to track your sales, opportunities, and customers in one place, and for this purpose, you can use project bid tracker. It is a great tool to set up your budget costs, assign different codes and markup your budget to create a bid price. Create and organize lists and bids according to your needs.

The project bid tracking template is easy to use because you can enter the information of every bid after getting its details. Enter the cost values and assign overhead, tax, and percentage of profit. You can calculate the big costs and profit values with the help of this tracking template.

Uses of Template:

In the bidding process, you just price an item and wait for the other people to bid. There may be more than one bidder, and it may be difficult for you to remember every bidder, and learn about their offers. Its better way is to prepare a project bid tracker, and this can be done easily with the assistance of the template forbid tracking. It is the most efficient tool to process the bids, and it is free of cost because there is no need to pay anything.

Just download the template and track your bids in the excel template. There are data bars, bar chart, and modern design to enhance your experience.


Project Bid Tracking TemplateProject Bid Tracker

Provided by: ENERGY corp.

Project bid tracker is a comprehensive format to organize project bid record. An MS Excel format template that is completely in ready to use format will ease your job. Download and save the file in zipping format. Extract the file in your local computer folder to start working with.

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