Cash Receipt Template

Long ago we used to hear that buying and selling were based on the barter system which meant the exchange of good for a good. Here it is important to know that the term good refers to tangible goods. In those times there was no record of the transaction being made between two parties. Everything was done verbally. Your say was all that mattered.

Times changes so did people. Complexities of life increased which demanded innovation. Today’s modern world has removed all the hurdles and difficulties which a person incurred earlier when purchasing something. Earlier there were no proofs of the transaction made but today one has everything.

Cash receipts are an answer to these transactions. Let us understand how.

Cash receipt is a piece of paper which serves as a proof between two individuals that certain payment has been made against a product purchase or the services rendered.

How does it work?

There are a buyer and a seller in every transaction. The buyer buys certain goods from the seller on some certain agreed upon things which move on the transaction being carried. Now when you get something by paying for it you might think that I must have a certain proof of my purchase. The cash receipt is a receipt given to you by the seller on every purchase you have made. This receipt not only helps you in viewing the items purchased but also their cost as well.

One must have a proof of the payments one has made in time as to avoid any confusions.

Cash receipts are safer. They provide you with a medium following which you can easily go on for exchanging your good or even reporting any defect in the product purchased. Without the receipt in hand, we cannot claim for a certain thing as a verbal conversation without any solid proof is of no use.

A cash receipt helps you build a long-lasting relationship with the client.  A good seller is the one who not only carefully listens to his clients complains but also provides him with a solution. For this thing to happen the customer should faithfully present his side of the story backing it with a cash receipt which would serve as a proof of his said statement.


Cash Receipt Template

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