Project Timeline Template

A project timeline worksheet refers to a document that plans out a whole project in a specific period. It organizes all the details of a project in the form of a worksheet and helps while carrying out the project. The worksheet is comprised of sections i.e., objectives, rationale, methodology, deliverables, and outcomes. This worksheet includes every aspect of a project to be planned earlier.

Projects may vary from a company based to an individual project of a student but the whole process of conducting and reaching desired goals often uses the same steps regardless of the topic.

A project timeline worksheet creates a detailed timeline for every step of the project and keeps the worker organized and one step ahead. It helps people to understand the overall project and what responsibility an individual has. It also helps them to understand the scope of the project and how it would be carried out.

Contents of the worksheet

The contents of the timeline worksheet are based on the title and research required. These contents mainly include all the details of a desired step and help a researcher to plan everything ahead.

  • The first section while designing a project timeline is the purpose of the study or project that is being done. This section mentions all the desired goals of the project that a researcher decides to reach. It may be a functional feature of any product or successfully providing a service.
  • The objective section mostly includes the smaller tasks that need to be done for achieving desired goals. It mostly divides the purpose of the project into small tasks that are achievable in a designated period.
  • Project methodology includes all the experiments and research that would be required to complete the project. It may divide experiments as an individual’s responsibility by mentioning tasks in an orderly.
  • The project outline worksheet includes a section on constraints that provides information about the limitations of experiments or equipment for the project completion. It may also include time or budget constraints.
  • The project budget section outlines detailed information about the expenditure of money to give an idea about everything. It includes the cost of equipment, labor, conducting experiments, buying materials, and running tests.
  • The project timeline section provides a specific time frame for every task that is required for project completion. It makes it easier to stay organized and ahead of the timeline.
  • A section of project team members on the timeline worksheet provides names, qualifications, and other information about team members. It may also include the specific experience of members which is required for project completion.

Above mentioned contents are generally found in a project timeline worksheet but these can be altered to include other contents such as project schedules, scope, or risks. Contents mainly depend on the title of the project and what it demands.

Significance of the worksheet

The worksheet is used by every individual for their project management because of the following reasons,

  • It shapes the whole project and helps you stay on right track.
  • Planning out a project before starting helps you to think about everything thoroughly and make sure that it is feasible.
Project Timeline Template

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