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Man is a social animal, capable of forming interactions with other humans and continuously trying to make the earth a better place to live. The concept of entertainment and being entertained has been in discussion for thousands of years and varies from person to person. The entertainment industry of every country struggles to provide good quality art which is not only enjoyed but also appreciated by people.

Movies are a piece of art created by the entertainment industry, based on fiction or non-fiction ideas, and try to communicate with their audience through expressions, emotions, and images in a moving phase. Movies usually last for 2 to 3 hours and can be longer based on the scenario on which the movie is based. Every country has established its industry and struggles to provide continuous entertainment to its people.

Movies from different countries are a visual representation of different languages, cultures, traditions, people, and food. It connects people from all over the world because of the same interests regardless of their geographical location.

Movies enthusiasts have an addiction to movies and are well-informed about upcoming movies and create a proper schedule for being updated. A movie list worksheet refers to a document that has a list of movies arranged in order of various categories i.e., release, genre, likeness, classic, etc. Movie enthusiasts prepare several lists based on different categories and styles.

Worksheets for preparing a movie list are similar to other worksheets i.e., tandem arrangement of columns where each column represents a specific category. These lists can be managed either as a hard copy or as a soft copy on the computer which provides the freedom of alteration and reuse.

Using a template is an easy approach

Although it is easy to prepare a worksheet from scratch because it does not require any special skills, it is much easier to use a template that is already provided on the internet and can be used after it is downloaded.

Templates are ready-made documents for almost every query. These are free of cost and can be edited easily in various applications to include relevant information. Theme-based templates are also available for specific topics.

Add movie genre and other details…

Contents of the movie list worksheet vary based on the organizational skills and preferences of the individual. These contents can be divided according to,

  • Genre
  • Upcoming release
  • Cast
  • Rating
  • Date of release

These categories can further be divided into sub-categories e.g., genre can be comic, romantic, animated, or sci-fi. This division makes the selection of movies more specific and makes it easier to find movies based solely on the genre.

The general contents of a movie lost sheet are given below,

  • Name of movie
  • Cast members.
  • Director
  • Release date
  • Rating
  • Reviews

All these points on a sheet help an individual to either choose a movie to watch or organize movies after they have been viewed.

The above-mentioned contents are not permanent and can be changed for including more information i.e., location of the shoot, producer, musicians, etc.

Sample List Format

A simple sample for the movie list worksheet is given below,

Movie List

Prepared by: ………..

Date: ………..

Movie NameGenreCast membersRatingReviews
Movie list template

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