Memo about Death of a Staff Member

Memo is the short form of the word memorandum whereas a memorandum is basically a written message that is sent to the people in an organization to announce something important. Memos are usually used in businesses and diplomatic relations.

A memo about the death of a staff member is easy to right. A memo used to announce the death of a staff member does not include unnecessary details. Some important things to add to the memo are:

  • Memos usually use email format. So begin by simply writing the name of who you want to send the memo. It would be like, ”To the team” or ”To all employees”, or, it can be like, ”To all the staff members”.
  • Straight away right about the member’s death and the source of the news.
  • A memo might include the funeral details and a request to all employees to attend the funeral.

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Memo about Death of a Staff Member


With a heavy heart, I am breaking the death news of our sweet employee, Shem Well. Unfortunately, she met with a serious accident yesterday and could not survive. I still remember her smiling face while she was leaving for home. She will always be remembered for her incredible services and jovial nature. She participated voluntarily in fundraising seminars and collected huge amounts for the orphans. In her remembrance, there will be a small prayer during lunch break today. You all are requested to please attend it.


Dear staff member, I am writing this message to inform you of the heart-wrenching news of Mr. Steward’s death. He was having lung cancer and his chemo session was in process. I have never found a strong and determined employee like him. He did not make illness his weakness and used to come to the office regularly. The organization will always remember his services. His death news has shaken me to the core. I have contacted his elder brother and his funeral prayer will be in Manchester ground, Block C. It is my humble request to you to attend his funeral and lessen his family’s grief.


Please be informed that Miss Julian has left for her final abode. She could not survive a dreadful accident. It was very difficult for me to digest the news as yesterday we left for home at the same time. Her final words are still echoing and I will never forget this moment. Her family is in deep shock after listening to this tragic news. I humbly request you to pray for her and her family. If anyone wants to attend her funeral, then please let me know. It will be taken as a working day and the remaining workers will look over the official tasks.


You will be very shocked after getting Jamiama’s sudden death due to heart failure. Her father broke this news to me. She was one of the trustworthy and committed employees who always preferred office work over other matters. She served the organization for more than seven years and I always found her energetic. Her funeral services will be attended by her close relatives and family friends. If anyone amongst you wants to be in her funeral services, then contact Mr. Steward. We will leave at 11 am to say her final goodbye. I want all of you to make her final journey beautiful by attending the funeral. Her family needs your moral support during this time.


Mr. Henry was one of my employees and he left us today’s morning due to a brain hemorrhage. Last night, his blood pressure got high which resulted in the breakage of the brain’s main nerves. He was taken to emergency but due to a clot in the brain, he could not survive. Death can be so uncertain, I have witnessed this today. He left this world too early but God has always His plans. The organization’s bus is leaving at 12 pm to attend his funeral. You are requested to attend it and be part of his family at this tragic hour.


My dear employees, I am penning down this message with immense grief to reveal Miss Shelly’s death. She was the library coordinator and was part of us for a long time. She always actively participated in management affairs and was a great helping hand to us. Today’s morning was not normal for me as the first thing I received was her death news. The school will be closed for all kinds of activities and there will be a small prayer in the school’s main hall. Her funeral will be held in her hometown, Valley Stream and it is difficult for the staff to go there.


I am letting you know with much sadness that our employee, Charles has left this world. He was admitted to the hospital for heart surgery. During surgery, he could not survive and died. I present my condolence to his family as they are passing through a tough time. His funeral will be held at 2 pm in Cavalry Ground, Brooklyn. We will leave at 11 pm for his final services. He will always be missed due to his gentle behavior and no one can fill the gap his absence will create.