Excel Salary Slip Templates

The salary slip template is available on this website for free use. This template can be modified by the user according to his own needs. It has found to be very convenient to be used by the user of all types.

What is a salary slip?

Salary slip is considered as one of the vital documents that are used by companies and businesses. This document is presented to the employee at the time of salary payment. Since it includes the details about the salary received by the employee, it is recognized as a salary slip.

A salary slip provides all the details about the salary paid to the employee at the end of the particular time period. Most of the employees are paid after a month.

Key elements of salary slip

The main details that are added to the slip are:

  1. Name of employee
  2. The name of company
  3. Designation of employee in the company
  4. Employee code
  5. Basic salary
  6. Payment of overtime
  7. Sales commissions
  8. Deductions from salary
  9. Date of payment

This document is equally beneficial for the employees as well as the company as it enables the company to get the clear idea about the amount of money that has been paid to employees in the form of salaries. It also makes the employee know about total money received in the form of salary and the deductions.

In order to make a professional looking salary slip, salary slip template can be used. This template has been created by the team of professionals and it has included all these details that are needed to be added to the salary slip.

This document serves as a proof of the salary payment made to the employee. It is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet where you can make editing to make it more suitable for you.

Benefits of salary slip template:

  1. It records all the facts related to salaries such as total salary, tax on salary, insurance statement, security, utility charges and a lot more.
  2. The employee can use this slip in order to apply for a bank loan.


Excel Salary Slip Template