Net Worth Statement Template

Net worth statement is an important official statement used to show the net worth of total assets after deducting total outside liabilities of an individual or the company. It is used to talk about the value of the company to have an idea about the economic position of the company. Net worth is the total worth of the assets owned by the organization. The statement is used while the dissolution of the company and it is based on the value of all assets and liabilities. It is preferred by shareholders to read to have an idea about the value of the company. There is no need to call an expert to design your net worth statement, because a professional template is designed for your help. This is a sample statement with all importance contents for your guidance.

Why to design a net worth statement?

If you want to design a comprehensive statement to check the net worth of your business, including your assets and liabilities, it is significant to design a net worth statement. The statement can be easily designed with the help of template. The sample template is designed to satisfy your different needs. The template is divided into three tabs, including dashboard, assets and liabilities.

Net worth statement


The assets tab is further modified into four new sections, including cash, proposal, investment and retirements. It can easily cover your private and public expense details. It is simple and easy to understand, therefore you can easily use this template to design your net worth statement.