Project Outline Template

A project outline worksheet refers to the informal document that records the process of devising an outline for any project. It comprehensively explains all the contents of the projects under several headings to make multiple, concise categories of a project. The project outline worksheet is made after conducting research and before starting the draft of the project.

The project outline worksheet helps in creating a complete framework for working on the project because it acts as an organizational tool that incorporates all the aspects of a project in a tandem manner. It provides easy access to understand the overall project. Dividing the whole project into various categories makes it easier to research each category in depth, collect useful information and compile them into the form of a project.

Project outline worksheets can also be used as a formal document that needs to be submitted to the administration because it helps them to navigate a student’s progress throughout the project. The worksheet also acts as rough work for the project.

Contents of the worksheet

The contents of the project outline worksheet are based on the type of project, its background, and many other factors which decide the type of research that needs to be conducted for completing the project. Based on the research phase, the foundation of the project is kept.

Contents of the project outline worksheet for a research-based project include,

  • Title: complete project title and its overview are discussed in this section of the worksheet
  • Introduction: This chapter includes all the general information about the subject of the project and what Research has been conducted to date. Moreover, it also includes what the project focuses on and how it should be catered to.
  • Goals: goals and objectives are explained to make sure that the clear reason behind the project is understood and needs to be focused on.
  • Literature review: this chapter of the project mentions all the breakthroughs that have already been done in the field by whom and when.
  • Methodology: it refers to the process that is adopted for conducting research, the materials required, and the test that is performed to deduce results.
  • Results: results section of the project is concluding because it states all the results of experiments and explains their correlation with reference to the project.
  • Budget: project outline worksheet covers the section of the budget as well which includes the expenses of buying materials or equipment, traveling to other institutes for research, performing tests, etc.
  • Timeline: while preparing the project outline worksheet, the specific timeline for every chapter is generated to make sure that the project is completed in a given time frame.

Significance of the worksheet

Project outline worksheets are being used for very long and are highly appreciated because of the following reasons,

  • These worksheets help in making sections of the entire project which makes it easier to focus and work.
  • All these sections or chapters are given a timeline for completion thus, helping individuals to stay on track.
  • Worksheets provide a highly organized short form of a complete project and can be used to present an idea in a raw form.
  • All the planning and shortcomings of the project can be discussed earlier to brace oneself for the future.

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