Customer Complaint Forms

In any business or organization, CRM is of utmost importance. CRM is customer relationship management. The relationship of a business with its potential customers is the most important part of any business.

Customers are key to success for a business

A customer is your chief asset and your business is due to them. That is why there is a huge department dedicated to this CRM. If your customer is happy and satisfied with you then it would be more than a streak of luck for the organization. Many times the business can’t comprehend the requirements put forth by the customer and make a project that wasn’t intended by him.

Customers have choices

Many times the customer is not able to define his required project properly and again the desired project is not made. So the case where your customer is happy and satisfied with your delivery is nonetheless a blessing in itself. It enhances your chances of productivity and the progress of your company. It elevates the status of your organization and therefore you must work hard to maintain good relations with your potential customers.

As the appreciation you received from your customers is important so as their complaints as well. There must be some way through which your customers could tell you the loopholes in your delivery project.

Feedback is important to succeed

The advantage of being notified about the shortcomings in your project is very vast. It helps you maintain the quality of your project. It helps you amend it according to the needs and demands of your society and your customers. It assists you in making future decisions and enables you to deliver more quality projects in the future.

By receiving complaints you get the idea that which product of your company is most likely disturbing and reviewed negatively by your customers, you then maintain this in your data and try not to prepare anything of that quality in the future.

This is indeed an important feature for governing any business or organization and every company should introduce and accept it from its potential customers.

Online feedback forms

To automate this task, today’s business provides online forms on its official site to receive complaints from its customers. A customer can simply fill in this complaint form by giving details of what he felt was unsatisfactory with the product or service of the company.

A responsible company get back to its customer right after they receive it and try its best to solve the problem of its customers. Similarly, customer complaints forms are available in hardcopy as well for those customers who can’t operate the computer.

Different complaint forms are prepared differently according to the standards adopted by the company but the purpose of all is the same.

What to include in a sample complaint form?

A typical customer complaint form includes the following things in general:

  • Details of the customer include:
    • Name of the customer.
    • Address of customer.
    • Contact number.
    • Email address.
  • The details of any other person involved in this complaint.
  • The services or goods provided to the customer by the company.
  • Details of complaints the customers have.
  • Give your signature to verify.

These are simple points to add to a customer complaint form. The company should take quick notice and get back to the customer as soon as possible.


Customer complaint form

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