Warning Letters for Various Situations

Violation of Organization Rules and Policies

The purpose of this letter is to bring your attention to a serious matter regarding the company’s rules and policies. It has come to our notice that you have been misusing the office resources. Using office equipment for personal use is strictly forbidden by all employees.

As a result of your actions, this letter is being issued to you as a warning. If you continue to ignore the organization’s rules and policies, it will negatively impact your progress and overall future prospects in the company.

You are, therefore, advised to immediately start refraining from using office resources for your personal use. We expect you to comply and hope to see more dedication and loyalty toward the company.

We thank you for your cooperation. Please contact HR for any queries.

Inconsistent on Duty without Prior Notice

This is with regard to your nonchalant attitude towards your duty at work. According to the time and attendance log, you have been arriving late at your duty on several occasions without providing prior notice to your supervisor. If you continue with this negligence, the company will be compelled to take serious action against you.

The XYZ group of Companies values punctuality and encourages all employees to report to their respective duties on time. It is also clearly stated in your work contract that tardiness will not be tolerated.

You are advised to report to work on time from tomorrow. In case of a genuine issue or emergency, you are required to notify your supervisor on time so that alternative arrangements can be made with someone to cover your shift. If, however, you repeat your careless behavior in a single instance in the future, strict disciplinary action will be taken against you.

We expect your immediate attention to the matter.

Frequently Late Entries on Duty

I am writing to address a serious concern regarding your lack of punctuality at work. While reviewing your performance, it has come to our attention that you have been consistently arriving late to the office without providing prior notice.

This attitude exhibits carelessness and a lack of dedication toward your job. It also indicates your disregard for the company’s policies, particularly the significance of punctuality.

It is essential for you to promptly address the issue. You must observe punctuality in the workplace and report to your duty no later than 9 am every day. This is very important for a well-disciplined approach toward your job and smooth work operations.

We strongly urge you to take this warning seriously and promptly rectify your behavior by exhibiting punctuality starting tomorrow. Further careless will result in strict action which may include your termination since the company does not tolerate tardiness.

You are advised to contact HR for any concerns regarding this matter.

Poor Performance

I am writing this letter to discuss a matter of the utmost significance regarding your performance at XYZ Company. It has been observed that your recent performance has declined and has not been up to the usual standards expected from you.

You have not been fulfilling your job responsibilities to the best of your abilities. It has been reported by your team leader that you have been delaying deadlines and have also been taking off from work frequently the previous month.

If this pattern continued, we are afraid that the company will be compelled to take strict action against you. As you are already aware, continued poor performance leads to either demotion or termination.

You are strictly advised to take your work more seriously with immediate effect. The company acknowledges your potential and urges you to utilize your skills and work to your full potential.

We hope to see a drastic improvement soon.

Violation of Sexual Harassment Policy

This is with regard to an immensely important concern regarding your behavior at work. I am deeply disturbed to have received several complaints about you for sexual harassment. According to credible reports and my own thorough investigation, your involvement in the heinous act has been confirmed.

This letter serves as a strict warning against your unacceptable behavior and blatant breach of the company’s policy against sexual harassment. You are being put on probation for the next 2 months. During this period, the company will review your behavior with coworkers as well as your work performance. Failure to comply with the company policies during this time will result in your termination as per the organization’s rules.

In the meanwhile, you are required to attend a disciplinary meeting with the head of HR. You shall be intimated about the time and date of the meeting soon.

I strongly recommend you to reflect upon the consequences of your actions. Not only have you caused significant distress to the victim, but you have also disturbed the office environment. Moreover, you have put your own future at stake.

I believe you will take this warning seriously and make a conscientious effort towards bringing an improvement in your ethical and moral behavior at work.

I am available to assist you if you need guidance regarding appropriate behavior at the workplace.

Violation of Safety Policy

This is an official warning letter being issued to you for the breach of the company’s safety policy. Your negligence towards the safety rules while operating machinery can put others at risk and may even jeopardize the reputation of the company.

Our safety policy has been designed in accordance with ISO standards. Our vendors approach us for our meticulous attention to our health and safety rules. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance for us to maintain our reputation.

You are strictly advised to adhere to the safety rules in the future. There will be disciplinary action against you if you failed to comply in the future.

You must pay immediate attention to the matter and take this warning seriously.


We are writing to bring your attention to an immensely serious matter. The management is utterly dismayed to have been informed about your alleged participation in a theft that occurred within our office premises. CCTV evidence and eye-witness reports have confirmed your involvement in the crime.

The company has a zero-tolerance policy towards theft. Therefore, effective immediately, you are being suspended without salary for one month. This disciplinary action is necessary as a punishment for your unacceptable behavior. During this period, we expect you to reflect upon your actions and build a strong resolve to avoid such unethical behavior in the future.

There will also be a deduction from your salary in the amount of [X] in order to replace the office inventory items stolen by you.

In the future, if you are found involved in any kind of unethical practices or violate any of the company’s policies, the management reserves the right to terminate you with immediate effect from the job.

You are required to hand over your office laptop before your suspension period begins. Send your acknowledgment of the warning by the earliest possible time.

Breach of Drug and Alcohol Policy

The purpose of this letter is to highlight an important concern. On Thursday, 12th December, you were found under the influence of alcohol while on duty. This goes against our company policy and your employment contract which clearly states that no employee should consume alcohol or intoxicating drugs during duty hours.

Your violation of the company’s alcohol and drug policy has exhibited an unprofessional attitude which is unacceptable. Therefore, you are being issued a warning. You must rectify your behavior and be more careful in the future.

You may contact HR for guidance about the company rules and policy. We expect you to be sober at work and perform your duties with complete dedication.

Misrepresentation of Qualification Document

This letter is with regard to a serious matter that has come to our notice recently. The diploma certificate provided by you at the time of your recruitment has failed the verification process. We have discovered that your diploma is unauthentic and forged.

This behavior constitutes a flagrant display of dishonesty and falsehood. Let us emphasize here that our company maintains an unwavering zero-tolerance policy towards such actions.

You are, therefore, being suspended without salary and benefits from immediate effect till further notice. During this period, you are to appear before our disciplinary committee and provide a truthful explanation of your actions. The committee shall decide your fate in the company.

We believe you understand the severity of this action and take responsibility for it. This warning letter is aimed at emphasizing the importance of honesty and trust in our company.

You may contact Mr. XYZ for any guidance or queries regarding this matter.

Physical Harm to Coworkers

I am writing this letter to highlight a very disturbing concern that involves you. This is with regard to the physical conflict that took place between you and XYZ on Friday, 23rd April. The fight ended up with XYZ being hurt.

Let me remind you of the company policy which explicitly states that any form of harm inflicted on a coworker will be met with zero tolerance. The company strongly encourages respect towards colleagues and all members of the staff.

There will be disciplinary action against you regarding this matter. You are required to attend a meeting with HR tomorrow morning at 8 am sharp. The appropriate disciplinary action to be taken in your case will be carefully determined and evaluated in the meeting.

You are advised to take this warning seriously and adopt a respectful attitude towards coworkers with immediate effect.

Warning letter for physical harm to coworkers