Dog Profile Worksheet

A dog profile worksheet refers to a document that records all the features pertaining to a particular dog. These worksheets are maintained by veterinarians or at an animal shelter in an area to make sure that all dogs in the vicinity are accounted for.

These shelters also make sure that dogs are well taken care of by their owners. These shelters are set up by the government to take in animals who have suffered due to any number of reasons.

Private organizations are also working to promote kindness towards animals particularly dogs because many stray dogs are killed by people to prevent any harm or danger. Moreover, many dogs are also adopted by people as a pet therefore, complete profiling of a dog helps foster parents to know their way around the dog and help them in adjusting.

Adding physical features of the dog

The dog profile worksheet includes various physical features of a dog and inquires about specific knowledge to create a whole personality. These profiles are then used for suggesting any medication or therapy to the dog in need.

Contents or dog profile worksheets are usually similar because the same features of dogs are recorded to enter into the database.

Generally, the following information is recorded about a dog,

  • Basic information about a dog such as age, weight, date of birth, and other information could help in evaluating the energy levels of a dog. Basic information also includes training of a dog for certain chores sitting, standing, etc.
  • The physical profile of a dog includes gender, color and coat type, age, breed, date of birth, and other related apparent features.
  • The medical history of a dog is recorded to provide information about all the surgical operations or treatment plans that a dog has endured in his lifetime.
  • The behavioral pattern of a dog profile includes information about the nature of the dog. For example, barking at strangers, biting people, or any symptoms of aggressive behavior.
  • Profile worksheets also include specific categories where all the information about a special diet or medication or treatment of a dog is included. It helps any stranger to know what to expect from a profile.

The dog profile worksheet helps foster parents make informed decisions about petting a particular dog. The significance of the profile worksheet may further be evaluated from the following points,

  • It maintains a complete profile of a dog thus, it can enter into a database for future reference.
  • While adopting a dog, maximum information helps in making a quick decision.
  • While considering treatment, health history makes it easier to prescribe suitable medication.

Sample worksheet

The sample for a dog profile worksheet may vary depending on various factors but it generally consists of the following information,

Dog Profile

Name of the dog: _______

Registration number: ______

Gender: ……….                      Weight: ………

D.O.B: ………….                      Color: …….

Age: ……….                             Date: __/__/__

Encircle the most suitable answer.

  1. Has your dog been neutered?
    1. Yes
    1. No
  2. Does your dog bite on clothes or furniture?
    1. Yes
    1. No
  3. Has your dog been trained for basic gestures like sitting or standing?
    1. Yes
    1. No
  4. Has your dog undergone any surgical procedure in his entire life?
    1. Yes
    1. No
  5. How does your dog respond to treats?
    1. Good
    1. Bad
Dog Profile Worksheet

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