Dog Profile Worksheet

Pets don’t speak. It takes some time to understand their needs, likes and dislikes. Bet your newly bought dog won’t run to you to tell you he wants some hotdogs and not the dog food that you’ve put in his bowl. The one who nurtures the pet from its birth knows better about its needs. You’d agree if you have a pet that you owned when it was just a baby. But when you buy a pet, or give your pet to a pet care service provider, in these cases the one who owns the pet want to know about it. No! Not just the name, color, and breed but also its habit, like and dislikes so that he be kept under the best conditions. Dog profile worksheet is a document that records the details of a pet dog. Since dogs are given more care as compared to other pets, their attitude is a little higher so you need to make sure they get what they want and more importantly what they need.

A dog profile worksheet has to be filled with the following blocks;

  • Name, color, breed, age of dog
  • Eating habits of dog
  • Favorite toys of dog
  • Favorite foods of dog
  • Sleeping places of dog
  • Medications
  • Veteran details
  • Cleaning products of dog

A dog profile worksheet helps the new owner or the caretaker to cater the needs of the dog properly. Since some dogs are prone to sickness in the case of any changes in their eating habits or their environment, it is, therefore, better to take dog profiles seriously whether you’re buying a pet, selling it or giving it in somebody’s care.


Dog Profile Worksheet

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