Cat Profile Worksheet

If you ever bought a cat, you must know what cat profile worksheet is. If you’re yet unable to recall what we’re talking about, recall a document that you were provided when you bought your cat from the pet shop. Yeah! You’ve finally recalled. So, that was basically ”cat profile worksheet.” A pet profile worksheet is basically a document that has a detailed record of the pet’s habits, likes, dislikes and other such details. The purpose of a pet profile worksheet is that the one buying the pet may keep it according to its habits and needs. In case you buy a cat without her profile worksheet and start feeding it meat, you’ll probably realize it late or never that your cat doesn’t like meat at all. The poor cat, when does Meow Meow, is offered with another loaf of meat. What a moment of pity!

Since animals can’t tell you about their likes and dislikes, it is their masters who know these details. So whenever you buy a pet, make sure you take your pet’s profile worksheet from the pet shop owner. But hold on, you may not be buying a pet rather selling it to someone or at a pet shop. In that case, make your pet’s profile if you’re not presented one. Pet shop owners usually do provide you a worksheet to fill if you’re selling a pet to them. Here’s how you can make your own;

To make for instance a cat profile worksheet adds the given blocks to be filled in.

  • Cat’s name, gender, color, age, type (neutered/spayed)
  • What type of food does the cat eat?
  • What time is she fed?
  • What are her other eating habits?
  • Her required medication and how should it be given?
  • Cleaning products for the cat
  • Cat’s social behaviors
  • Cat’s sleeping and hangout places etc.

There is no standard cat profile worksheet. But all worksheets should have the basic important sections where details about the cat could be inserted, her behavior and habits etc. You may like to view some cat profile worksheets given below.


Cat Profile Worksheet

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