Jewelry Invoice

Jewelry has been worn by women through ages. From being too heavy to being a little lighter now it has become the most sophisticated piece of ornament worn by women in order to beautify them.

Today jewelry has become relatively an expensive item. Irrespective of this fact, women still wear it. For safety purposes both for the buyer and seller of jewelry, a jewelry invoice has been generated.

A Jewelry invoice is a receipt given to you by the seller for the payment of jewelry you have purchased from a certain jewelry shop.

What Does It Include?

The invoice covers the following details:

  1. The date when the purchase was made.
  2. Invoice number.
  3. Name of the jewelry shop and Buyer.
  4. Mostly full address of the shop and mobile number of the buyer.
  5. Name of the person dealing.
  6. Signature of the jeweler and buyer.
  7. The weight of the item purchased.
  8. Guarantee (usually of karate).


Invoices must be kept safe and not destroyed as they are of great value. One must not discard them. With the help of the invoice, you can easily claim for the jewelry you have purchased if any issues occur. Not necessarily but if the jewelry gets damaged you go to the jeweler for the claim. Still, you can exchange it for another jewelry item. The exchange period may differ for different jeweler and some may not welcome exchange.

Repairing services are also provided if you have an invoice and mostly they are repaired free of cost. Mostly the repair work is done depending on terms & conditions mentioned on the invoice.

The invoice in hand prevents fraud. No other person who does not have an invoice claim for any item purchased. It proves safer as both the jeweler and the buyer have an invoice copy with themselves.

Your purchase is backed by your invoice. It is a proof that you have made payment for a certain item of jewelry purchased.

At times it is possible that when you go on for purchasing jewelry from the market you may have to order your desired thing by presenting a photograph of the jewelry. In this case, advance payment is made as per the payment terms set by the company.

Invoices help build a healthy and strong relationship between the buyer and seller.


Jewelry invoice template

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