Employee Annual Leave Record Spreadsheet

Annual leave is granted to an employee by his employer so that he can take some time off and live his life away from work. It generally refers to the paid time off in one year. The leave period is not fixed and the employee can go on leave any time after following a proper procedure to take the leave.

Companies grant yearly leave to their employees because it is the right of every person to get a break and give some time to their family. Usually, the leave is considered as a part of the bonus and perks a person working in a company is granted in addition to the basic salary and some other advantages.

What is an employee annual leave record sheet?

It is a spreadsheet that is used to keep a record of the annual leave an employee gets in one year. The company usually maintains the record of every employee because it is not possible to remember the annual leave period of every person working in the company. Due to this, some tools are used that make the process of recordkeeping seamless and smooth.

Why do employers use annual leave record-keeping software?

Software for record keeping is being used frequently these days because of the benefits they bring to the table. Whether the company is small or large, record-keeping is extremely important. Here are the benefits of the record sheet:

It is useful for payroll processing:

Usually, the pay of the employee mainly depends on the policy of the company. It is not allowed for companies to deduct the salary of the employee for not coming to work when he has taken annual leave from the company. The company uses the record sheet to keep the record of the annual leave of the employee. It is used to check if the employee has gone on leave for the allowed number of days or if there is any extra day.  The salary is transferred to the employee’s account accordingly.

It is helpful in staff management:

Whenever an employee applies for a leave, an entry is made in the record document. This entry is very useful when another employee also applies for leave. The company can see how many people are already on leave. This helps in deciding whether the application for the leave should be accepted or not because the operations of the company should not be disturbed by allowing all the people to take time off.

It is used to stop repeated leave:

The record sheet also tells if an employee has already got the allowed number of days off. If this is the case, the company can refuse the employee to give him additional leave. In some cases, the leave is granted but the employee is informed that it will not be paid leave and salary is deducted. This way, this document is used to keep a balance and justice among all the employees because no worker in the company is discriminated against.

It supports effective record-keeping:

Record keeping is an essential part of any business. There are so many tools that are used to hold the record of each and every aspect and operation of a business. These records are helpful in a variety of situations. The record sheet is usually available in soft form and it can be shared with anyone. However, the company can print it and keep it in the form of a hard copy.

Use of a template:

A recorded document usually contains a calendar-like interface in which every day of the month is mentioned. At the end of the sheet, there is a column where the total number of leaves taken is mentioned.

Some templates are multipurpose and they also allow the company to keep track of the attendance of people and absentees and leaves are highlighted so that determining annual leave granted to the employee can be confirmed easily.

The template is usually present in MS Excel file format where it is updated daily and at the end of a particular period, it calculates the total number of leaves and shows the result. It also represents the data in various graphical visuals.


Employee annual leave record spreadsheet