Calories Burn Activity Tracker

A calorie burn activity tracker is an Excel worksheet that is used for measuring the reduced number of calories after physical activities. These activities may include running, jogging, exercises, or any other sort of activity causing calories to burn and keep individuals fit and healthy.

Calorie burn trackers are mostly used by health-conscious individuals who track their calorie intake as well as burn to maintain their physique. The trackers are becoming more and more popular among individuals because of their accuracy and other features.

The primary purpose of a calorie tracker is to provide accurate burning of calories and help individuals in keeping track of their physical health. Calorie trackers are enabled with sensors to monitor motion heart rate and other related features to give an accurate measurement of calorie burning.


Calorie burn activity tracker comes in a variety of devices that are preferred based on likeness and budget. These devices give near to accurate measurements therefore they can be used for error management.

Some of these devices include,

  • Bands: fitness bands or smart watches from renowned companies have revolutionized the concept of measuring calories because these watches are enabled with digital technology. Bands can be worn on the wrist during running or exercise and provide an accurate measurement. It also gives information about miles traveled, heart rate, and steps taken.
  • Applications: mobile-based applications are also used for the following purposes but these applications are not enabled to provide exact figures. These applications track data when the mobile is being held during physical activities which can be a difficult job. Moreover, mobile applications are mostly used for measuring simple running or jogging steps.
  • Many devices measure heart rate and can assess the type of physical activity being done. Devices are also enhanced to track the rate of precipitation which can be a key factor in calorie burning.

Excel worksheet importance

Calorie burn activity trackers have gained importance over the years because of the healthy vibe being followed all around the world. These trackers have made the process a lot more efficient and smooth. Some of the major points of trackers are given below,

  • It helps in providing accurate measurement of the calorie burn thus, contributing towards health and fitness.
  • Many calorie trackers are enhanced to give information about food items and their calorie value which keeps individuals informed about how many calories they have consumed.
  • Wristband trackers have made it easier to wear trackers while doing physical activities as compared to mobile applications.

Information needed on the spot

The trackers give limited information but they can be electronically altered to give more. Some of their features may include,

  • Heart rate: wristbands and smartwatches can measure pulse rate and alarm individuals about heart-related issues.
  • Precipitation rate: precipitation is a direct measure of calories burned therefore, enhanced smart watches can track precipitation.
  • Steps: steps can be measured easily with simple devices as well.
  • Exercises: Warm-ups and other physical exercises are also suggested by many trackers to keep your health in check. These warm-ups can be done before exercise to heat the body up.
Calories Burn Activity Tracker