Blood Pressure and Glucose Tracker

High blood pressure and glucose level in the body can be very dangerous for the health of a person. Therefore, people of a certain age are recommended to keep their blood pressure and glucose level at an optimal level.

With the help of this health tracker, one can easily monitor and control blood sugar levels. Your health is your most precious asset and you can never ignore it if you want to live a healthy life. So, you need to get a deeper insight into your health by monitoring some of the most common health issues that you have been experiencing and then taking informed decisions based on this information.

Why are blood pressure and glucose trackers used?

Just like any other tracker, these tools also don’t let you lose sight of your health condition. Many people face serious problems because they don’t track sugar levels in their blood. Due to this, they deal with serious health conditions such as heart attack, kidney failure, diabetic retinopathy, and whatnot.

The tracker makes them keep records on a daily basis and when they get the reading daily, they become conscious of their health and start taking more care of themselves.

What type of tracker should you use?

A tracker is available nowadays in a number of forms. One of the most effective trackers is the digital app which is downloaded on a mobile phone or tablet. It is easily accessible. However, those who are not comfortable using mobile phones for this purpose might feel that it is not for them.

Some people like to use paper and pencil for taking reading while some use MS Excel Spreadsheets for keeping the record. Regardless of which type of tracker you use, accurately taking the reading is more important than anything else.

What should be recorded in the tracker?

Since the main purpose of using these tools is to keep track of the blood pressure and glucose levels in the body, it should be designed in such a way that it takes all the readings from the user that are useful for keeping track of the health of the patient. Here are a few elements that you need to pay attention to:

Date and time of input:

The date on which you have checked your bp and sugar level should be specified. This will let you remember how often you take readings. Sometimes, the doctor recommends the patient check hypertension levels in the blood at different times of the day. Therefore, mention the date as well as the time that is helpful for the doctor to treat you.

Note the reading:

There are different columns in the tracker that require the user to take down the reading in each column after measuring systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, heart rate, level of sugar, and much more. The reader should see the unit of glucose level being used in the tracker. He should also take down the reading in the same unit. It is also important to remember that you record the reading in front of its corresponding date and time column.

Calculate the average:

To determine how well you have been controlling your diabetes and hypertension, you can take all the readings of a particular time period into consideration and then calculate the average value. This is helpful for your healthcare practitioner who wants to know your overall health before giving you any sort of treatment or before performing your surgery.

Why should a tracker be used for staying healthy?

A tracker does not keep the reading safe as data only. It is the biggest source of information for a patient as well as for the doctors. People over 50 know that they need to change their lifestyle to stay healthy. When they keep tracking those factors that contribute to affecting their health, they stay connected with their doctor and this way, they can easily prevent anything big happening with them.

Download a template:

Using a template is a convenient way to get access to the tracking tool without any hassle. Many doctors keep the printed tracker which they give to their patients for quick and easy tracking. Some of them also share a soft copy with their patients.

Blood Pressure and Glucose Tracker