Event Planner Contract

Over the past few decades, the world has revolutionized tremendously and has completely changed the art of performing chores. Advancements in the field of technology and the invention of new products have led to the start-up of many businesses thus, providing a livelihood to millions. Many new businesses have emerged because of the networking and gadgets that help people in every regard.

Event planning is the process of managing, designing, and conducting all the tasks pertaining to any event. It requires thorough planning of an event in a manner that everything goes smoothly, and everyone is enjoying.

Event planners take the burden off their clients and plan events. These planners are hired weeks before the actual event and are provided with instructions related to the theme and guests. Planning the whole event, inviting guests, renting the venue, managing guests and setting, and ordering food are all the responsibilities of event planners.

A contract is a legal document that binds two or more parties in an agreement over certain terms and conditions pertaining to the product or services provided by the providers. It usually occurs between a service provider and a service receiver. Event planning contracts include clauses that are agreed upon by both planners and clients. Planning of the event is conducted after the contract is signed which usually takes place weeks or months before the event.

A sample of an event planning contract is given below.

Event Planning Contract -a sample

The following contract is being established between ___________ (client) and ___________ (event planner) on the date (__/__/__) for providing their services in the field of event planning.

The following terms and conditions should be read and agreed upon by both parties to commence the agreement.

  1. The event planner [X] will provide all the services on the exact date of the event i.e., __/__/__.
  2. 35% advance shall be paid to the event planners and the remaining 65% shall be given after the event is finished.
  3. Event planners are responsible for food, photography, decor, videographers, valet services, car parking, and managing guests’ seating.
  4. The client will not negotiate the final fees after the event is done.
  5. In case of cancellation of the event, the advance payment will not be refunded.
  6. Event planners will take instructions from clients before taking any bold steps.
  7. No guests should be mocked or made fun of by the event planners or any of their team members.
  8. Event planners shall provide all raw data of images and videos within 2 weeks after the event.
  9. Event planners shall not upload any image or video of the following event on any social media pages or with anyone else.
  10. It is the responsibility of the event planner to provide albums and edited video recordings within 2 months after the event.
  11. In case of event cancellation due to any natural cause, the event planner shall keep the advance
  12. All the designs for decoration and flower arrangements shall be run through clients before finalizing.
  13. In case of a dispute between guests and any member of the planning team, it is advised to avoid the use of harsh language.
  14. All the designs and arrangements for the event should be finalized 2 weeks before the event to cater to any changes.
  15. Clients will not be entertained by changes while the event is going on.
  16. The planner shall cancel the event at any time, but he will be bound to pay all the advance.
  17. The event planner shall take all conditions into consideration regarding guests i.e., disabled, ill, or others.
  18. Clients may ask for changes 2 days before the event which will be entertained by the event planner.
  19. Signature photography and videography should be provided by the event planner.
  20. Both parties should agree to all the clauses of the following agreement. In case of contract failure, one party can sue the other on the above-mentioned grounds.
  21. Event planners shall provide services for a designated time period on a designated date beyond which they will be not responsible for providing services.
  22. After the event, the event planner shall notify clients about all the issues and disputes they encountered during the event.
  23. Event planners are responsible for managing security to handle any unforeseen circumstances.

___________________             _________________

      Signature (Client)                 Signature (Planner)

      Date: __/__/__.                        Date: __/__/__

Template Preview

Event planning contract template

Few things to keep in mind before you draft a great contract

Following are a few important points to keep in mind before anyone drafts a professional agreement.

Ensure the safety of both the planner and the client

An event planner contract is needed by the event planner when he is hired to give his services in planning the event. An event planner is hired to perform the services related to the event of a marriage, birthday, or any other party. The agreement is very important to design because it ensures the safety of both the event planner and the client. In case a dispute is raised the written document can be presented as proof to a court of law to resolve the matter.

Include what services are to be done

The contract should include the services to be performed so that the client can clearly know what kind of services the planner will provide. Other important factors to be added to this contract are details about compensation, event rescheduling, responsibilities of the client, limitations of the liability, and the termination of the agreement, etc.

Add payment details

The payment details should be written in the agreement in clear words to avoid any conflict later. The contract enables both the client and the event planner to clearly know about their responsibilities. After knowing their responsibilities, both of them can work in coordination and nothing unfair will happen to any of them.

Cancel the agreement if violated

If any of the parties to the agreement violates the rules of the signed agreement, the other party has a right to cancel the contract. What can be the possible cases in which a party gets a right to cancel the contract should be clearly mentioned in the contract. Mentioning all the necessary details in the contract secures the rights of both the planner and the client. It also makes the process of event planning go smoother.