Employee Appraisal Report Template

Multinational businesses and companies are run by hundreds of employees, working from different geographical locations to meet common goals, set by their employers. Employees are provided fairly for their hard work and their rights are protected by legal advisors. Employees are also given bonuses and other incentives in exchange for their hard work so that they continue to make efforts.

An employee appraisal report sheet is a document that states the performance of an employee over a specific period. It mentions all the strong as well as weak areas of an employee’s performance and set out a few goals for them to achieve in future projects.

Appraisal report sheets not only build up the morale of an employee but also motivates other employees to do better. Management of companies makes sure that good employees are appreciated for their efforts and are also given incentives.

Employee appraisal report sheets are made by the employer or HR department to identify the performance of every employee and mark the areas of improvement. Additionally, employers also compare appraisal reports from previous years to note if employees have made improvements or not. Based on performance, employees are selected for a promotion, allowances, or any other incentive.

Format of the sheet

There are many methods to rate the performance of an employee. Reporting and viewing of overall work come under the Human Resources department of any business and they are responsible for providing a detailed review of the mentioned task. The HR department is considered notorious for managing these report sheets because they are not under anyone’s influence.

The format of the report sheet may be a paper that includes all the achievements and failures of an employee in an organized fashion. It systematically starts with describing good points and then lead towards areas of improvement.

Moreover, a report sheet may also be made as a raring sheet that includes all the qualities of an employee in one column with a rating of excellent, good, average, and low in tandem columns. It is considered more useful because it judges all employees on the same scale.

Contents of the sheet

Employees’ appraisal report sheets do not follow a solid pattern either they have a similar pattern because the job description of every employee is different so is the performance therefore, employers prefer a separate report sheet for every employee which is based on one’s job description and performance.

In general, an employee appraisal report sheet initially focuses on all the responsibilities and goals that the employee had to achieve and then moves towards the strong points of the employee which may include team leader, strong communication and research, etc. It also dictates all the points of improvement that have occurred from the last appraisal report.

Later, it describes all the details which need improvement and can prove an asset if taken seriously. It states all the drawbacks and mistakes made by the employee either in projects or customer dealing, issues with colleagues or trouble in taking commands, etc. Appraisal reports may be considered as a soft warning for many employees who do not deliver work that they are responsible for.

Employee appraisal report sheet