Personal Assessment Report

For an organization, its employees are its most valued assets. It is the employees that can take the organization into growth or can plunge it down to failure. This is why organizations and businesses invest heavily in the development of its employees. It puts them in various training sessions, in various development sessions and polishes them so they can be the best picture of themselves. Of course, the employees need to assess themselves as well and a report at the end of the development period is required by the organization. This is known as a personal assessment report which the employee him/herself drafts and presents it to the organization.

A personal assessment report consists of various elements such as the employee himself or herself stating that what he or she went through the whole development period and now after a particular time period where does he or she stand. Has the organization helped him or her and whether or not has the employee benefited from the whole effort or not?.

The report also mentions what changes has the employee felt in his or her performance and in him or herself during the whole course. Mentioning these aspects in details makes the personal assessment report a better and a comprehensive one. Organizations ask employees to draft up a personal assessment report since it gives them a better idea of what the employee thinks about his/herself and is it according to what the organization thinks of them? This helps the organization in making a better judgment about the employee.


Personal assessment report


This personal assessment report has been prepared using Microsoft Excel software. The sheet is already filled with some information in horizontal and vertical columns. Vertical columns have detailed assessment definitions while the horizontal column holds information about how to answer these definitions. Start filling this report from reading vertical column information thereby matching horizontal columns requirement.