Daily Weekly and Monthly Sales Reports

A report is described as a document that explains an event, situation, or function in detail. The detailed description of the report is reviewed later, and inferences are drawn that lead to taking serious actions based on the situation. It is explanatory in nature and is a highly formal document so great care is required to make a report.

A sales report is the cumulative summary of all the sales happening at a company in each period of time. Sales report depicts the trends of sales that occur and allow for evaluating the performance of employees over the period. This report typically includes the costs, revenues, leads, and new accounts. Sales reports assist the administration of the company if there is a need in modifying the sales approach or if further growth initiatives are required.

In addition to describing the status of the sales, it also predicts the success of new sales methodology, performance analysis as compared to previous performance, future sales data, and behavior patterns of customers. It allows the executives to assess how there are services and products are liked by the customers and how they can change methods to attract more customers. Sales reports are basically dependent on the services used by the consumers and how they react to them.

Almost every business, whether big, small, new, or old generates its sales report based on its business frequency to evaluate its sales of services. These sales reports are managed by company managers or people in the high command of the business and can be arranged in various ways to communicate the data.


Sales reports have a lot of significance for maintaining a steady business as they are not only used to indicate sales trends but also help in various ways which are given below,

  • Performance improvement

Results obtained from reports indicate the performance of the services provided to the consumers as well as the performance of the employees that are running or providing those services. These reports indicate the areas that need improvement either in the product qualities or the methodology used by the company to sell those products. Thus, analyzing the reports carefully can indicate weak areas which after correction lead to improvement in overall performance.

  • Enhanced efficiency

The efficiency of employees is increased if they are aware of the strategies that are liked by the consumers as they stop wasting their time in building more strategies and focus on a limited number that has gained approval from the consumers. In addition, using sales data, employees can work on high-quality leads and leave the rest.

  • Prediction of new strategies

Sales reports allow the management of a company to evaluate the feedback on new or upcoming strategies that are devised to attract more consumers. These strategies are established after working on the previous strategies that have gained popularity among consumers. Thus, sales reports can change the whole dynamics of business.

Types of sales report

There are different types of sales reports, and their use depends on the amount of data entered and the information required from the report. These types include,

Daily sales report:

A daily sales report is used by people belonging to various professions such as businessmen, managers, sales representatives, and others to obtain the relevant sales data daily which includes the number of client meetings, closed deals, and opportunities created for the business. This report is used as a management tool to organize related data each day.

Daily sales report does not focus on the trends of matrices obtained after entering data as these fractions cannot be controlled. It focuses more on controllable metrics which include the number of calls made to attract clients and the number of meetings set up etc.

Daily sales report depicts gross fluctuations because it can be either a good day or a bad day of business for the sales rep. It is advised to observe the report for several weeks to generate an idea about the workings of the sales rep.

daily sales report template

Daily Sales Report Template File

Weekly sales report

A weekly sales report is a measurement tool, used by individuals and companies to track the performance of the business and focus on important KPIs which include lead conversion ratio, total sales per area, and sale volume per strategy within a week span.

A weekly sales report is termed as the most appropriate measurement of time to evaluate the performance of a sales rep as a day is too short for performance evaluation and monthly sales report tend to bypass some of the key points by focusing on major issues which do not reflect the true workings of rep, therefore, weekly sale reports are organized with utmost care.

Weekly sales report template

Weekly Sales Report Template File

Monthly sales report

A monthly sales report indicates sales trends on monthly basis and allows us to evaluate and analyze them. It includes long-term measurement of KPIs such as monthly performance reports, conversion reports, and others.

Most businesses follow the trend of monthly sales reports to navigate their sales and analyze the performance of their employees. Although most of the details need to be neglected as it gets difficult to focus on every minor detail, daily and weekly sales reports are tedious work and require much effort.

Monthly sales report template

Monthly Sales Report Template File

Sale reports writing

Writing a sales report is not difficult but requires the utmost attention to include all data and avoid mistakes as inferences are drawn from these reports. Some of the points that should be considered important are given below,

  • Before writing the report, think about your audience and keep them in mind and consider their understanding of sales and business.
  • Define the purpose of your report either monthly, to present the sales trends over the month, or weekly, to discuss minor details with team members.
  • Decide the time for your report, it can either be an annual or a report depicting quarter of a year sales.
  • Gather relevant data and discard any unnecessary information.
  • Observe the sale trends after incorporating data and communicate the findings with the audience.
  • In addition to providing data, describe the background of the report or sales to make it understandable.

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