Fitness and Weight Loss Charts

If you are trying to lose weight, the only thing that keeps you motivated is your progress. People who cannot see their progress often stop their weight loss journey because they know their efforts are not giving any output. Therefore, there should be a tracker everyone trying to shed some pounds should use. Fitness and weight charts are also used as a tool that effectively tracks the progress a person makes in an attempt to lose weight.

What is a fitness and weight loss chart?

Charts are always used for viewing a visual representation of the information people want to see. They usually show various parameters that are necessary for determining if a person is losing weight or not. The key metrics used in the chart include measurements of the body, exercises, the total weight of the person, and much more. These all metrics are variables and change in the value shows progress.

People who are regularly hitting the gym and planning to get into shape often find this chart very useful for them.  There are some standard values given in the chart that you can compare with your body measurements to see how much you are needed to lose. In addition, it remembers previous measurements also so that you can compare your current measurements with the previous measurements to determine whether you are making progress or not.

Is it useful to use a fitness and weight loss tracker?

Trackers are always necessary especially when your body is experiencing minor changes which are not so noticeable and you are about to lose motivation. There are plenty of benefits to people using a chart can see. A few of them are:

 It helps track weight:

One of the most important factors that contribute to losing weight is how well you track your weight. People who lose sight of their weight often end up gaining weight. So, tracking keeps people aware of whether they are gaining weight or not. As soon as they come to know that they have gained weight, they start taking steps to lose weight.

It helps in setting goals:

People who need to be fit and keep their weight optimal usually have to set a goal in their life which keeps them accelerated. The chart represents the balanced and ideal weight along with the height that people should try to achieve. This often inspires people and they also try to achieve that ideal weight number. This way, they can set an achievable goal and try to be fit as a fiddle.

It helps keep track of exercise routine:

Fitness freaks need to have an exercise routine to follow. The chart motivates them to make a routine and then strictly follow it. There is a section in which the routine can be saved and then people can go back to it to see their routine. If the routine turns out to be beneficial and helps them lose weight, it becomes a permanent part of the chart. This routine can be shared with people also to inspire them to lose weight.

They can visualize the progress:

Fitness and ideal weight are subject terms and every person will have a different perception about both of these terms. So, they might view them differently. Therefore, the chart will enable them to view their progress according to the data they input into the chart.

The chart converts the input value into graphs and pie charts that help people visualize their progress. The data can also be viewed to see the trends in the flow of the data which will let people see when they lacked motivation and became careless and where they started to work on their weight and tried to be fit again.

This also encourages people as they can see that even though they lost inspiration, they always got up and moved forward toward their goals.

Fitness and weight loss chart template:

A template provides a readymade chart that can be viewed and used as soon as someone gets their hands on it. It contains all the standard values and hints for achievable goals to encourage people and make them work out to achieve their dream body.

Fitness and weight loss chart for men

Fitness and weight loss chart for men

Fitness and weight loss chart for women

Fitness and weight loss chart for women