Twelve (12) Months Timeline Template

Twelve-month timeline sheet refers to the informal or formal document that records all the important events, tasks, and adventures of a whole year. This sheet may also be used for the mid or late months of the year till the next, but it generally refers to 12 months of a year.

It is comprised of 12 columns arranged in tandem order and each column represents a month. The rows of the timeline sheet represent tasks accomplished or attended events. Important events of the designated month are added in the respective column with date, time, and day.

Twelve-month timeline sheets can be extended by adding columns of various categories such as due dates for projects, important tasks to do for any specific events, or to add the theme of the event, etc.

To record progress by using a twelve-month timeline sheet it is important:

  • Set goals that need to be achieved within a year in terms of studies, jobs, projects, physical and mental health milestones, or any other family related.
  • Divide major goals into small, manageable, and doable tasks so that it does not wear you out.
  • Mention all the tasks after they are completed and mention the period of each task on the timeline sheet spanned over the entire year.
  • Mark ‘done’ after the tasks are completed and an overview of the timeline sheet will keep you motivated to complete future tasks.
  • In between goals and objectives, mention important events of life that left a mark on you.
  • At the end of the year, the timeline sheet is nothing but a progress report.

Uses of the sheet

A twelve-month timeline can be used by businesses or companies or manufacturers. Within a company, timeline sheets are used for managing and planning projects and recording milestones achieved within a year. A timeline sheet for a project can be shared with other colleagues as well which will help them to stay informed about the progress of the project and let them know about their responsibilities pertaining to the overall project.

 It can also be used by an individual or a student to record important events. Furthermore, it is used to record, plan, and set goals for oneself. Students mostly use timeline sheets to state their goals and continue to add steps that they take throughout that year. Organized data at the end of a year help you recap your progress and motivates you to do good.

A timeline worksheet also works as a schedule sheet that provides you with a schedule for a whole year and keeps reminding you about dues dates and other important tasks that should be completed before the designated time.

Format of the sheet

Twelve-month timeline sheets are easy to make because they are very simple in their composition and do not require any designing feature. These sheets can be made on Microsoft Excel and used either as a hard copy or a soft copy.

Moreover, templates provided on the internet can also be used because they are mostly theme-based. These templates are free of cost and can be easily edited in any editing application.

Sheet preview

Twelve Months Timeline Template

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