Employee Shift Schedule Template

An employee shift schedule worksheet is a tool used by companies and business owners to plan and display work schedules for their employees. Multinational companies are run by hundreds of employees who work day and night to achieve their designated goals thus, it becomes difficult to manage them and assign them their individual responsibilities in a manner that does not create a haphazard situation.

Schedule worksheets for employees and organize timetables for every individual employee so that everyone is aware of their timings, working days and duties, etc. This worksheet can be planned for a specific period of time i.e., a day, week, or month depending on the duties of employees and their shift-changing patterns.

Worksheets are user-friendly…

Employee shift schedule worksheets are user-friendly and can be extended to include maximum information about an employee and their working pattern. Some employees are required to work at night while others work during days and have different break times for food etc.

Entries of worksheets usually depend on the company’s policies and shift working patterns of the employees but generally, the following contents are considered for schedule organization,

  • Listing all the names of employees in a category so that their inflation can be added.
  • A column is assigned as a job description which entails the individual responsibility of employees within the company.
  • Shift timings tell if the employee belongs in the morning or evening or night shift.
  • Break times.
  • Total number of employees

Following a shift, a limited number of employees work at a time depending on the workload and nature of the work. This worksheet can be extended for related information about employees i.e., qualification, special skills, etc.

Shift schedule worksheets are significant…

Employee shift schedule worksheets are considered significant because of the following reasons,

  • It enhances the company’s productivity and outcome by managing employees’ schedules so that a designated number of employees are working at the right time and are aware of their individual job.
  • It allows business to organize their workforce according to the influx of work i.e. if more work is required to be done during the night then the night shift should include more employees as compared to other shifts.
  •  Viewing the progress of the company, a working schedule can be changed to ensure more productivity.
  • Working schedules of a month help employees in gaining momentum and understanding work as compared to shift change happening every other day or week.
  • Information about employees helps the administration to assign them tasks according to their skills and qualification.
  • Organizing the working force helps by keeping employees motivated through breaks.

Sample worksheet

Samples for employees’ shift schedule worksheets can be downloaded from the internet because it provides hundreds of options with a great variety, but they can also be made by oneself.

Generally, shift schedule has the following characteristic features.

Employee shift schedule

Date: ……….

Month: ………..

Name of employeesShift timingsBreak timesJob descriptionTotal number of employees

Companies employing hundreds of employees go through the process of assigning shifts to their employees based on their availability and working pattern thus, enhancing their efforts and productivity to achieve desired goals.

Template File

Employee shift schedule template

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