Calorie Amortization Schedule with Nutrition Tracker


Health and fitness has become one of the key considerations of the modern lifestyle of people today. Due to the busy schedules and work routines, many people do not get any time to spend on their fitness and health aspects. In addition to this the concept of having fast food and processed eatables has increased in our day to day lives. As a consequence the average level of body weight has also increased significant. Living a static lifestyle and consuming so much fatty and fried foods have led to the development of obesity in the majority of the people today.


This in turn leads to a number of health related issues and gives rise to a number of different diseases. Therefore having an eye on what you eat and how to burn the extra calories and fats must be given due importance. Working out and exercising is a must but at the same we must also be aware of what level of nutrition our body needs, how we can get them and how can we regulate them. Maintenance of a calorie amortization schedule template is a very effective way of doing this.

calorie amortization scheduleThis is a simple fitness chart or calories calculator that can be used to calculate the amount of calories that can be consumed to achieve a specific weight loss level. The calorie amortization schedule requires the user to enter his/her weight, height, age, gender, activity level and desired weight. These factors help in the calculation of the required calorie count.


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Foodies have always been the nutritionist too. When we talk about food, the quality of it comes to our mind right away and what’s the best way to lead a healthy life other than having good food which is also fresh. So in order to bring your health issues under control before it controls you and you feel the need to eat food that is more like a medicine, it is necessary you take help. Well the best way to do something for your health is by self-helping. Never underestimate the power of self-motivation that is actually the best form of driving force.

Meal tracking made it easy:

Whatever you eat has calories and to keep yourself healthy that is not obese or look like you are anorexic, you need to keep a keen eye on your food plate. The best way to do is to get the complete nutritional value of your food. This will help you in determining that the food that you are eating is beneficial or just fat accumulator. We have designed the meal and nutritional tracker template that can help you make your time table for your food intake so that you don’t do over eating or miss any of your meals. The nutrition and meals distribution will help you get healthy body and comes with it healthy mind. so what else do you need when you can take charge of your food quality and also timings that are the basics of making you full of life.

meal and nutrition trackerHow to use this template

This is simple MS Excel designed one page sheet. It consists of all details of your breakfast, lunch, dinner or any other snacks you take for all day. You can write all details about calories, proteins, carbs and fat for each of your meal. At the end you can prepare complete details of your food intake including all nutrition details for a complete day. Keep on moving and you can have a complete history of your meal and nutrition intake for a week, month or for any other number of days.

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