Sales Commission Tracker

In this busy and competitive world, a lot of things are expected to be done through agents. An agent is a person who deals and can work in a legal capacity on the behalf of the principal. He has an implied authority, which may have some restrictions, but he can form contractual agreements of some sorts. These agreements and deals can save the principal’s time and energy. Furthermore, he can spend this saved time and effort in more productive things. This whole principal and agent relationship is based on mutual faith and trust.

As all this relationship is mutual, so are the benefits gained out of it. The principal gets all the agreements done without any extra effort while the agent gets a commission based earnings. These commissions are the way of their earning and this also works as a motivational factor. As they know that they will get the commission out of the revenue which is gained from the agreements they have done, this will make them work even harder.

Here come in the sales commission tracker, this is a document commonly used by the company or the principal and sometimes even by the agent. As the name suggests, it is used by any of them to track or keep the record of the commission earned by the agent. This tool is drafted in such a way that anyone can understand it easily. This not only keeps the record of earning commissions but also can compare the forecasted and the actual commissions for a period.

The targeted sales can be mentioned on this sales tracker sheet and at the end of each month, commissions can be calculated. The most efficient way of drafting this excellent document is to use a template of the sales commission tracker.

A template will make sure that no important detail is missed out and the agent is paid for what has he worked his heart out for. This tool is perfect for commission tracking and by simply modifying a bit of this template, tracking can be much easier.


Sales commission tracker

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