Car Rental Record Sheet

Transportation has become a major need of every person in today’s world in past few years time. No matter where a person is going he needs a mode of transportation as walking is no option in this busy world. So, if one doesn’t have a car he hires it when needed. Hiring a car has become very easy now and so many people prefer this over traveling long distances in a public transport.  Because of this reason, many rents a car businesses are flourishing today. By hiring a car on rent, one may feel independent and can roam around the city easily.

A car rental business needs to have a good system of recording all the payments of rent that is being paid by the customer. By carefully recording the rentals, it can be ensured that the entire due amount is paid in time and both the parties have a receipt as an evidence which can be used for future reference.

The car rental companies offer different kinds of cars and each car has different rates. These rates may vary because of type or condition of the car being offered or the demand for cars. Whatever may the reason be but as the rental companies trust the clients and giving their assets to them for a certain decided amount of time, they are advised to keep a close record of all the vehicles that they have rented out and the amount they have got in return for giving out the asset.

This record can have multi purposes like acting as a receipt of payments, record keeping and keeping a track of rentals.  The best way to have a detailed account of these records is to make a car rental record sheet. This sheet will have the name of the rent a car service providing company and the name of the client along with his or her contact details. Apart from that, the description of the car being rented out must also be mentioned.

The typical record sheet consists of columns and rows in which the amounts are recorded. To make this sure that all the necessary information is recorded and the format is understood by all, a template of a car rental record sheet is commonly used.


Car Rental Record Sheet


Format: MS Excel