Price Comparison Sheet

Over the last few decades, many businesses have been set up to provide more and more comfortable and peaceful life to people. The invention of products related to fashion, lifestyle, food choices, and many other fields, has made it easier to enjoy life to its fullest. With increasing business ventures, it is difficult to choose one based on the quality provided and the prices paid.

A price comparison sheet refers to a document/worksheet that keeps a record of various products or services from different vendors and provides a clear picture of cost comparison. Its basic purpose is to provide complete data about the prices of products provided by different businesses which helps them to choose a suitable product.

Price comparison sheets are mostly prepared by customers because these are the most effective for them. Data is collected from different stores either by visiting or by calling. Moreover, the official website of a store can also be referred to for obtaining information about products, their features, and prices.

An organized look at the worksheet

The contents of the price comparison sheet are simple and can be understood easily. It provides an organized look to the whole data and makes it easy to choose a particular vendor. Contents of the price comparison sheet are mentioned below,

  • List of items
  • Features
  • Price from different vendors
  • Quotations from stores

All the above-mentioned information helps customers to choose a product at an affordable price. In terms of quality, compromises can be made with a cheap vendor.

A Sample

Price comparison sheets are relatively simple but organized. These sheets have been in use since for several different purposes. A sample for the price comparison sheet is given below,

Price Comparison Sheet

Customer’s name: …………..

Date: __/__/__

ItemsFeaturesV1 quantityV1 PriceV2 quantityV2 Price




The sample can be altered according to the needs of the customer and can be extended based on other factors as well.

Format of price comparison sheet

A price comparison sheet can be designed according to one’s needs. The whole process of designing and creating a comparison sheet depends on adding adjacent columns according to desired categories. Every column signifies a vendor’s price against a list of items.

Moreover, templates of price comparison sheet can be downloaded from the internet because it provides a huge variety based on different themes and categories. Any template can be selected and altered using simple tools in any given application.

All these applications also provide necessary tools for designing a comparison sheet by oneself. Most of the above-mentioned templates are free of cost and are found in hundreds of options.

How important it is to use the worksheet

The significance of the price comparison sheet can be evaluated from the following points,

  • A comparison sheet is easily manageable and can be kept by anyone.
  • It is an easy method for organizing large amounts of data.
  • It can be extended for a very long list of vendors.
  • Columns can be included to mention more features.
  • Its user-friendly feature makes it a more likable and preferable method.
  • A price comparison sheet makes it easier to choose an option from different vendors.
  • The sheet can be shared with others either in hard or soft copy to facilitate others.

How does the given worksheet work?

  • Download and save a copy of this worksheet template to your local computer.
  • The file will be in a .zip format. Unzip and open the file named “Price Comparison Sheet” using MS Excel.
  • A worksheet with the following preview will be open.
  • Enter an item that you want to buy along with its description.
  • Enter the quantity ‘Qty’ of an item and its ‘Unit price’. The total will be calculated by itself.
  • Enter different values of ‘Qty’ and ‘Unit price’ for the items from different companies
  • In the end, you will see ‘Max price’, ‘Min price’, and an ‘Average price’ for the item.

That’s how you will have an idea of the price of the item. Hope this worksheet will help you for the purpose.

Price comparison worksheet template for Excel

Excel File 65 KB