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Weight Loss and Fitness

Gaining weight is quick and easy but losing weight can be a very steep and difficult task for most over-weight individuals in the world. There are a number of reasons in our lifestyles that are triggering this trend of making people over weight. The busy schedules of the professional world, static lifestyles, reduction of physical activities and increased consumption of fast foods have tremendously contributed towards the obesity and fat bodies of the people.

It is very essential to incorporate various forms of exercise and dietary precautions in our lives to bring our body weight to normal level. It is very important that all our efforts are focused and planned. For this reason there are number of documents that help make our fitness program accountable, effective and efficient. You need to constantly monitor the progress not only to get motivated but also to see where you need some additional efforts and improvements.

Among the many documents used for registering the results of your fitness program one is the Weight Loss Tracker with Calculating BMI. This is a very unique and helpful fitness program document that helps the user set a specific fitness or weight loss target and then track the progress with the utilization various charts and a dash board application. The tracker also helps the user calculate his body mass index and keep his/her body nourished and fed according to the requirements indicated in the chart.


Weight loss tracker templateWeight Loss Tracker

Provided by: ENERGY corp.

To keep an eye on your weight control the template is an excellent tool. Maintain a good record by filling in all relevant information such as height, calories intake, calories burned, protein and fats.

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