Weight Loss Tracker for Excel

A weight loss tracker refers to a tool that records the weight loss journey of an individual. It monitors the progress regarding weight loss goals and helps people to achieve their desired weight. The weight loss journey can be very difficult for some individuals because it includes various dietary restrictions and also involves a lot of exercise time. It is hard to keep up but recording your progress each day can help you to continue.

It is important for consult professionals for following a weight loss protocol to make sure that one’s body is taking enough nutrients. Weight loss is mostly based on more movement and less calorie intake. There are various types of weight loss trackers based on their functioning and the system installed. Although all types of trackers use similar information they are mostly chosen based on their feasibility of use.

Before starting the weight loss journey, initial weight, height, age, body mass index, and required weight goals are all taken into account. All the above-mentioned information is provided to the tracker and data can be entered daily, weekly, or monthly. It also mentions the time period for which the weight loss will be monitored. Time can span from 6 months to a year or more.

Types of tracker

Some common types of trackers include,

  • Ledger: hard copy of the weight loss journey can be managed by using papers for data entry. Paper entry does not include technology and does not provide features like digital trackers. It is simple and entry of weight measurements can be entered in a journal on a daily basis.
  • Template: template or Excel sheets can be used for a low-technology soft copy. It provides the ease of recording a lot of information and keeping it safe for a longer period of time. Templates can be downloaded from the internet and used.
  • Digital: digital trackers are highly functional and sophisticated devices that provide many features. These trackers take in daily reading and also give reminders for a workout or keeping yourself hydrated. Digital trackers are enabled to set minor milestones for achieving bigger goals keep individuals motivated and also ease the process of weight loss.

Digital trackers can be provided by online portals or they can be used in the form of mobile applications. They are simple to use, have multiple features, and can be accessed at any time.


Weight loss trackers have gained momentum because of the following reasons,

  • Many digital trackers are enabled to provide a number of calories for a particular food item which helps individuals in keeping track of their calorie intake.
  • Regular reminders for workout and log entry helps in being punctual.
  • Monitoring slow progress while looking at the trackers’ data motivates one to continue the hard journey.
  • Various types of trackers help in choosing the most appropriate one.
  • Weight loss progress can be shared with trainers and nutritionists to make sure that you are on the right track.
  • Many trackers provide exercises and warm-up activities to practice and start on a smaller scale.


Weight loss tracker template