Emergency Call List

Emergency calls are made when there is an emergency and immediate attention is required. Usually, there are specific numbers of public services such as police, fire brigade, etc. that are contacted when there is any sort of emergency. However, some people also include contact numbers of their family members and friends that can be available to them in their time of need.

What is an emergency contact list?

It is a list of phone numbers of people who can be contacted in case of an emergency. It is usually used for minors, old people, and those people who have some sort of disability or any other health concern that makes them vulnerable and they may need to contact any person at any time.

What is the purpose of the urgent contact list?

When there are people who are dependent on others such as children in a school or old people in a hospital or old home, extra safety and security measures are taken. Usually, the crisis contact list is created to ensure the safety of such people. The administration of the school and old homes usually use this list to collect information on crisis contact.

Anyone can use the document in which different contact numbers that can be dialed in the time of crisis are given. This list can include as many contact details as you want. 

Is it important to have a crisis contact list?

Some people need extra care and attention than others depending on their age, dependency, disability, and much more. Their caretakers may not be enough for them in some situations and they will need assistance from someone else who may not be physically present with them. However, they can be informed as and when it is required by calling their phone number or reaching out to them in any other possible way.

In addition, it gives peace to people because they know that the people they have nominated can be reached out easily as and when it is required. Some people get anxious and feel worried when they are with the caretaker because they feel that no one is going to help them if something wrong happens to them.

However, they feel relaxed when they feel that the people they want to be with are accessible and will be with them in every type of critical situation. Those who worry about their loved ones also share their contact details and then feel stress-free because they know they will be informed in case of urgency.

What is included in the crisis contact list?

It generally includes the following details:

Name of the contact:

The most important part of the contact list is always the name with which the phone number, postal and mail address are saved.

Relationship with the contact:

You should know who is being contacted in a crisis and how that person is relevant to the individual who needs someone in an emergency.

Contact details:

The phone number along with the area code as well as the email address should be given in the list. The alternate phone number should also be given in this list. Although you have also mentioned the email address, your priority should always be the phone number because calling someone’s phone number is the quickest way to reach someone.

You can also divide this category into other sections for collecting landline numbers, mobile numbers, and official and personal numbers of the emergency contact.

Reason for contact:

If there are multiple contacts in this list, it means that you can contact them depending on the situation. For instance, the caretaker will have to dial the phone number of the doctor in case the individual has got some health complications. Similarly, some lists also include the health complications of the person and also mention in front of every complication the name of the person whose number should be dialed on priority.

Use the template:

The contact list template saves you time as you can simply download it and start using it. The template provides a very easy document in which you can enlist all the required information for recordkeeping purposes. You can also add some more sections to it to make it more relevant to your use.

Emergency call list template