Roommate Organizer Template

For many reasons in your life you have to move away from your native home. Whether it is for work purpose, educational needs or any other reason. Living away from home can be difficult and costly. Most of us are unable to buy or hire a house or apartment right after we move out of our parent’s home. With fewer amounts of money and resources we often need to share our stuff. So even when we hire an apartment or house or even a single room we might require having a roommate. This will allow breaking the cost and bringing down the price of the accommodation. Whatever the landlord will be charging can be divided between yourself and the roommate.

But living with roommate may also give rise to a large number of problems and challenges. Living with a stranger or new person can be a difficult task. His personality, attitude and habits might be totally different from you. But you need to adjust accordingly. To make things easier the experts have come up with a roommate organizer template. This is a very helpful and supportive document. It allows the users to enter details about the budgets, schedule of chores and tasks and even the grocery list of the roommates. The roommate organizer template is very convenient in working out various important factors of living with a roommate. When these actions and activities are in writing people take them more seriously and eliminate the chances of disputes.

Formal Roommate Organizer
A sample snapshot of the template is also given here.

Sheet#1 Bills to pay
This sheet corresponds to roommates bills to pay record. Bills to pay include rent, gas, groceries, water, phone, internet and cable etc. To maintain a record of how to pay these bills and how much everyone will contribute this sheet carries all information.

Sheet#2 Chores to do
This sheet record everyone’s responsibility to perform different tasks. All chore schedule has to be mention.

Sheet#3 Groceries to buy
Prepare a list of groceries to buy and assign duties to each individual for the purpose.

roommate organizer templateRoommate Organizer

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Given roommate organizer is a very handy tool for the room mates to organizer their things properly. Utilize this ready made format to stay hassle free at managing your daily, weekly and monthly chores.

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