Semi Monthly Home Budget Template

Home budgeting is a fun, must do a task or a responsibility. Whatever, every person responsible for smooth running of home affairs needs to have a budget. To maintain a healthy and well-balanced relation between income and expense will result in ease in life. Things get disrupt without proper management of finance. A house budget is a tool that keeps you mentally relax and focused. We already have one Monthly Household Budget Template available here on our website. But, the one we have here is particularly for those individuals who get paid twice a month. So, that may lead you to feel to prepare a budget twice a month according to income. Exactly, for this purpose, we have Semi-Monthly Home Budget Template.

Here it is described in detail how to use this budget template. Some snapshots from the template are added also to highlight its key features. This is MS Excel document that consists of four sheets. You can download this template in advance so that you can follow our step by step illustration. A download link is given below at the end of this page.

MS Excel file consists of four sheets | Editable & Printable | Preview is available

Sheet#1 Dashboard
Sheet# 1 is the dashboard. You can select particular month and year to prepare a budget for. A timeline of income & expenditure is given for the whole year.

Sheet#2 Expenditure and Income
Sheet#2 contain details of INCOME and EXPENDITURES. You can add all income sources along with amount detail. A date column has been added also to mention amount obtained at a particular date. Income detail can be written even if different family members are earning. On the other side, you can see expenditures list. Different categories are added along with description and amount of expense. Relevant date column is also there. Drop down given here is use to select different categories e.g household, entertainment, food, children, investment and medical etc. Other drop downs related to description and amount comprise of different details too. For example: In household category DESCRIPTION can be chosen such as garbage, cell phone, utility bills, television, the internet and other supplies. Similarly relevant to each category there is DESCRIPTION for it. You can experiment it by actually moving on to sheet#2 of the template. Select category against any date and select different options from the drop down.

Sheet#3 Budget Report
If you are using Excel 2010 or later you can utilize this feature of the template. Slicer is a new feature that has been added to this template. Below you can see the preview. A detail of all expenditures in terms of table formation and slicer is given for comprehensive analysis. You can understand better where you putting most of your money in the form of expense. Utilizing this information will lead you to cut down those expenses to a minimum and hence to save some money.

Sheet#4 Data List
This sheet is a data list of all categories with description. Whatever you added in this sheets data is linked to sheet#2 Expenditure and Income’s list. Drop downs for CATEGORY and DESCRIPTION will carry all information added here. You can add each and every detail of things being used at your home.

That’s it. We hope you will like using this template and will appreciate our efforts by sharing this with your friends and family.


semi monthly home budget templateSemi-Monthly Home Budget

Provided by: ENERGY corp.

The budget worksheet is an excellent tool for the families to manage and organize their monthly expenses.

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