Project Activity or Task List Template

A project is a combination of several tasks depending on its size. These tasks are accomplished to complete a project. These tasks are small milestones that keep a person accelerated toward the ending phase of the project. In short, tasks are really important to be accomplished.

What is a task list for a project?

It is a list of all the milestones that are required to be achieved to take the project to its completion. The task list is for everyone who needs to complete a project and for better management, a project is divided into small chunks of activities which is known as an activity list. The length of the task list can be too long or short depending on the size of a project. If a project is too big, the task list will have a long list of activities to accomplish.

Who uses the task list of a project?

In general, this list is designed by professionals who know how a project will be accomplished and what activities will be executed. The project manager usually oversees the project and the task list and assigns work to people from the same list. If a project is small and an individual is working alone on it, that person will use the work list.

What are the benefits of the task list?

People usually use this list of milestones because of the following reasons:

It helps you stay organized:

Working on something when you have a complete agenda as to how you will complete your work is something everyone should do in order to stay organized. When the list of things to do is created, it is like an agenda in which all the things are mentioned in order. People keep on executing each and every task one by one until nothing is remaining on their to-do list.

It saves time:

Time is a main factor to be kept in view when you have to work on a project. There is a commitment of a project team and the client to accomplish the task within the given timeline. The task list is designed keeping that timeline in mind. This way, it saves the time of the people as they remain in their time bracket and never displease their clients.

It is helpful in progress tracking:

If you want to see how far you have gone in the completion of the work, you can refer to the activity list of the project. Here, the tasks are usually organized in an organized way and you can easily track your progress if you are able to see how many tasks you have already accomplished, you can see how many tasks are left and what your progress is.

It is helpful in the assignment of tasks:

When you have a list of things to do in front of you, the assignment of each task to every team member becomes easy. Some people want to assign an equal amount of work to every person. This can also be achieved with the help of a to-do list.

It helps you to see dependencies:

Some tasks that lead you to the completion of the project depend on other tasks. In this situation, you can say that there are dependencies in the task list which are highlighted in this list. So, when you assign a task to someone, you make sure that dependencies are handled smartly so no one has to wait for a long time to wait for the dependency to be covered.

How to create a list?

  • Creating a task list is easy when you know how you can divide the entire project into tasks and subtasks. You should be able to enlist each and every task based on the timeline.
  • You should include all the tasks whether small or large because it will help you take the project to completion easily.
  • Consider the expertise of team members carefully so you can create a list that is based on the expertise and you can determine people whose expertise is missing and required to be hired. This way, you will never run short of people.
Project Activity List Format