Family Budget Spreadsheet Template

With increasing inflation, it is difficult for families to keep themselves afloat. There is no stop to these increasing prices and people are forced to live life like this. It is important for every family to prioritize their basic needs and not spend more than what is needed. Every individual is trying their best to cope with this terrible economy and all tips and tricks are employed to save a few bucks.

A family budget spreadsheet is a tool that is used by families for keeping their expenses at a limit based on their income. These budgeting strategies have proven to be beneficial for many reasons. Mostly, a budget spreadsheet can be prepared on physical paper or it can be made on Microsoft Excel. It allows you to spend your income on basic necessities and not lean on luxuries for a definite period of time.

The budget spreadsheet can prove to be a good strategy for middle-class families because it helps them in enlisting all their necessities on a single page. Luxuries and high-maintenance products can be avoided to make it through the month without running out of income.

Sections of the spreadsheet

Following a normal household, expenses that require payment can be divided into the following sections,

  • Groceries: meat, vegetables, fruit, milk, self, and house cleaning supplies, condiments, and other essentials required for preparing meals constitute groceries. It takes away a big chunk of any income because it covers many products that are required in every household.
  • Rent/mortgage: living in a rented house is expensive as compared to owning a house because it takes away a big sum of income every month.
  • Car maintenance: Automobiles require regular maintenance and it also includes gas money. It is important to include all the car-related expenses in the budgeting spreadsheet.
  • Clothing: buying clothes and shoes for changing weather conditions and shortened sizes is essential. A fraction of income can be allocated for these expenses.
  • Vacation: saving some money for taking a trip to relax each year can prove to be beneficial for the physical as well as mental health of the family.
  • Kids: All the kids-related expenses i.e. clothes, medications, education, and other essentials are a part of the budget spreadsheet.
  • Healthcare: saving up for healthcare when it is not needed can save you from a lot of pressure during difficult days.
  • Savings: it is important to save something for rainy days because a worsening economy is unexpected and little savings every month can prove to be good in your favor.

Other sections

In addition to all the above-mentioned categories, many families require many other sections to be included in their budget spreadsheet. It is always beneficial to spend some time on making a budget before spending the income because it creates an image of all the expenses and helps you to choose which are essential and which expenses can be ignored. It is always important to look for ways to earn passive income and not rely on primary sources for everything.


Family Budget Spreadsheet

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