Student Attendance Record & Report Spreadsheet

Student attendance and report spreadsheets are a tool managed by educators to make sure that all enrolled students attend their regular classes. Many students tend to skip their classes for fun and other activities and make sure that their professors and supervisors are not aware of these bunks but educators of schools have made it compulsory for every student to keep their attendance to a 100%.

A student attendance spreadsheet is an organized sheet that is comprised of columns where each column represents a distinguished category and data is added in a regular manner. These spreadsheets are usually on computers or other electronic devices but they can also be maintained on physical papers.

Report spreadsheet refers to the presence as well as the participation of a student in their academic activities. By the end of every course or semester, the report of every student is the grade they scored in their academics. A report spreadsheet is considered crucial because it indicates the brightest as well as careless students. Some students require more attention and learning than others thus, a report spreadsheet helps educators to classify students.

Student attendance and report records can be merged into a single spreadsheet that provides comprehensive data about student presence and progress in their academics. These spreadsheets have been used in every educational institute because of various reasons.

Components of the spreadsheet

The attendance and report spreadsheet is simple and organized. It provides the following information,

  • Bio: name, section, and supervisor of class are mentioned at the top of the spreadsheet.
  • Students: names of all students taking a particular class or project are mentioned in the form of a list within their names’ column.
  • Date: all the dates of the following week, month, or semester are mentioned as headings of columns. The number of days depends on the amount of data that is to be collected from the spreadsheet.
  • Attendance: attendance of each student is marked in a specific date column before the student’s name. Attendance can either be present or absent and is mentioned for each individual student.
  • Report: grades of each student for the particular month or semester are added in the report column before the name of each student.
  • Total attendance: Total days of presence are counted and mentioned in the following column. It is necessary for every student to have 80% attendance for examinations otherwise students below this percentage are not allowed to give exams.
  • Signature: signatures of the supervisor and class representative are done at the end of the spreadsheet.

Importance of using the worksheet

Attendance and report spreadsheet have proved their importance because of the following reasons,

  • These spreadsheets are user-friendly and can be used by supervisors of all backgrounds.
  • These spreadsheets are highly manageable and provide organized data.
  • In contrast to physical documents, spreadsheets can be saved for a longer period of time.
  • Attendance and report records can be used easily regardless of the duration of their collection.
  • These spreadsheets can be used as proof against students claiming their attendance.
  • Moreover, these spreadsheets can be customized to provide more information about a student.
Student Attendance Report

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Every educational institution requires you to be efficient while keeping a record of its students. With newer and stricter rules, attendance is first checked to let a student sit in the exam in educational systems.

It surely is a matter of concern for every teacher to keep an eye on how the student is progressing, and the most reliable tool for marking that progress is a Student Attendance Record & Report Sheet. With this in hand, a teacher gets a fair view of the students which saves time from monitoring them individually.

For this purpose, Microsoft® provides a readymade Student Attendance Record sheet that contains the important contents to mark the daily presence and absence.

  • The sheet is designed to aid mental clearance for quick recording. The titles are emboldened and the lines are aligned with perfect spaces. Hundreds of registers can be made with a simple click that comes as a cheaper option!
  • With this in hand, the teacher can calculate term percentages, and mark the number of studio or lecture hours a student takes every semester. Plus, it also helps the administration to file student records in the computer database at the end of the term.
  • This can keep the institution updated, it supports any claims or warning letters the institution might be issuing to a student’s parents. It can also form the basis for whether the student is eligible to be promoted to the next class or semester.
  • The sheet will also help to know whether any assignments have been missed out by the student so that they can be compensated in the next term.