Back-to-school Checklist Template for Excel

When a child is heading back to school, it is associated with a whirlwind of chores, that need to be conducted in a proper and timely manner, so that the last-moment hassle can be avoided. It often becomes difficult for a parent to remember every little item, especially, when a child is going to school after many holidays. By stating the list of the school supplies, and the related tasks, the back-to-school checklist smoothens and simplifies the process of sending your child to school.

What is a back-to-school checklist?

A back-to-school checklist is a list of items, supplies or tasks, that need to be purchased or completed prior to the child’s head back to school. The parents use it for the purpose of making the school preparations effective and efficient. If the child is an adult, the checklist can be maintained by him as well, instead of his parents. It can be maintained on paper, or as a spreadsheet on the computer.

What are the benefits of a back-to-school checklist?

A back-to-school checklist is associated with many advantages, which is why it is widely used. Some of the advantages are:

  • Improves the planning process.

When the preparations for the school are being made, a checklist can clearly indicate the completed chores, pending tasks, and deadlines, which makes the process of preparation better.

  • Time management.

The deadlines and pending tasks can highlight the remaining tasks, that need to be completed before the school starts. The parent would clearly know those through this list and can manage his/her time accordingly.

  • Negligence can be avoided.

As the checklist maintains the complete list of the tasks, which can be updated as well, oversight of any important back-to-school supply or task can be minimized.

  • Aids in budgeting the school expense.

As the checklist states all the needed supplies, it helps in letting the parent know how much money is needed to make all the preparation. He/she can plan his/her overall expenses, and budget accordingly, to incorporate these back-to-school expenses.

  • The preparation process becomes smooth, and stress and hassle are lessened.

The planned system or preparations always decrease the eleventh-hour tension of going back to school.

What are the main components of a back-to-school checklist?

The back-to-school checklist may have different items recorded as per the school requirements. Generally, however, the checklist has the following components:

  • Stationery items including books and notebooks.
  • Uniform (both regular and sports/PE) – dress, socks, shoes, tie, belt, badge, etc.
  • Lunch box, bottle, and lunch bag.
  • School bag or bag pack.
  • Name labels.
  • Name tagged notebooks with completed assigned homework.

In the case of the online classes, or a hybrid system, the back-to-school checklist also includes setting up a sitting space for the child as well as the charged device (laptop, tablet, or mobile), with all the required programs installed.

Back to school checklist template