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The human of modern age may have gone beyond their planet earth but it is a matter of fact that it cannot cross the limits of the earth and the horizon. It has to be remained in between them as per God’s will. The human beings have to be submissive to God’s will in order to be successful. It has to be obedient and dutiful in order to reap the fruits of heaven.

The modern space science is clearly telling people of modern age that your universe is deteriorating and seems to be fading away, heading towards its end. The almighty God has also told people about the Day of Judgment or doom’s day at the end. The human beings have to remain dutiful and pious in order to have better end thereafter.

It is always good for the human to remain good over here if it wants to have better results over there. The prayers and prays thus need to continue if one wants to remain successful in life. It is hard to imagine of better lives there without carrying the outcome of good deeds. The players, therefore, need to be performed on a regular basis.

The sample prayer list template is presented here just with the aim of assisting people to create a list for their prayers. It is created with the idea of helping people in the creation of the best prayer list for them on a religious occasion to come. The prayer list template can be declared as a ready-made stencil in getting a list created in no time. it can let you create a quick list for your prayers to come.


Prayer List TemplatePrayer List

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