Prayer List Template

A prayer list is a collection of names or specific prayer requests that individuals or religious communities keep in mind to pray for those in need. The list can be used for personal or communal prayer and can include a wide range of requests, including physical healing, guidance and wisdom, strength and comfort during difficult times, protection and safety, peace and reconciliation, and the salvation of loved ones who do not yet know their Creator.

What should a prayer list must include…

A prayer list includes the following prayers that are offered regularly:

  • For those dealing with physical illness or injury. 
  • For those dealing with emotional or mental health challenges.
  • For those suffering financial troubles.
  • For individuals experiencing difficulties in their relationships.
  • For individuals experiencing difficulties at work or school.
  • For individuals struggling with addiction or destructive habits.
  • For individuals in need of life advice and direction.
  • For people who are lonely or isolated.
  • For those who face persecution or other sorts of suffering because of their beliefs.
  • For those who are estranged by the fact that their Creator is the Lord and Savior.
  • For contentment to everyone.

A prayer list is significant in a community’s life…

A prayer list holds a significant place in a community’s daily life. For starters, it helps to direct our thoughts and hearts toward the needs of others. By checking a prayer list regularly, we are reminded to pray for individuals who need God’s love and grace. This can assist us in becoming more compassionate and empathic toward others, as well as developing a deeper sense of care and concern for the people around us. Secondly, it holds us to account in our prayer life.

A written list of specific requests allows us to be more intentional in our prayer time and guarantees that we do not overlook any requests.

A prayer list aids in building a sense of community within a faith community. When a group of individuals prays for the same things, it can foster a sense of unity and solidarity. It also allows others to request prayer and know that their request is being considered.

Similarly, it can provide encouragement and hope. Seeing prayers answered and reflecting on how God has moved in our life and the lives of those around us can refresh our faith and optimism.

A prayer list is not exhaustive; items can be added or omitted depending on the time and scenario. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s not merely a matter of naming names or requests, but of acting and actively praying for the concerned people.


A prayer list, in general, can be a powerful way for people to feel connected to their Creator and His creation, and of focusing their thoughts and hearts on the needs of others, and remind them to pray for those who need God’s love and grace.

It helps communities to grow stronger and together and aids individuals in feeling more committed and compassionate to others. This mutual empathy goes across community lines and builds relationships for a far superior reason than us.

Sample Templates

Prayer List Template

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