Recipe Card Templates

There are various occasions on which we feel the need to share the recipe with other people. For this purpose, it is very common to use recipe cards. These cards can be digital or physical but their purpose is always to put down the recipe in an organized way that can be followed easily to share cooking and baking recipes. 

Another purpose of using these cards is to store the recipe for future reference. Those who have never worked in a kitchen before usually struggle when they have to make a dish. Using a recipe card makes it easy for them to try something for the first time. 

What are the advantages of using recipe cards?

There are plenty of benefits to the recipe paper. A few of them are discussed below:

They help share standard recipes:

All the meals and dishes are generally prepared with a standard recipe at least in a restaurant which is the reason we find consistency in the taste of any dish that we try out in that restaurant. Some people at home also use these cards as they help them in meal preparation.

It is useful for the staff:

If the cook is not available, he or she can share the recipe with the staff of the restaurant that will be able to make the dish without the presence of the cooking expert with them.

It helps in the organization of the menu:

Restaurants usually organize dishes on the menu depending on the time they take to prepare. The recipe cards also give an idea about the estimated time a dish may take in its preparation. Then, the dishes on the menu are listed accordingly.

What are the main elements of the recipe card?

The recipe card includes the following components:

Title of the recipe:

At the top of the card, the name of the dish which will be prepared with the help of the instructions given on this paper is given. The title is usually given in the descriptive form and it is the most important part of the recipe.


Right below the name of the dish, all the ingredients that should be ready to use should be listed. They are listed in such a way that the quantity of each ingredient in the current serving of the dish can be seen. This helps in giving the taste to your meal that you want.

Step-by-step instructions:

Now, it is time to mention how the above-mentioned ingredients will be used and in what sequence to prepare the dish. The instructions are given step by step so that a user can move from one step to another step until he reaches the last step and the dish is ready.

These instructions also include the names of those electronics such as baking ovens, microwave ovens, and others that will be required while following those steps of guidance. It also mentions the optimal temperature at which the particular dish can be made ready. However, remember to adjust the temperature with the change in the size of the serving.


Comments are from the chef who wants to share a few things with the learners or followers so that they can effectively handle and manage everything. Comments are useful for those people also who fear that they might forget the step that they have followed but is not included in the recipe card.

Using a sample recipe card:

If you want to share a recipe with someone but you don’t have time to write down the recipe and print it, you can simply use a sample card. You might have the exact recipe that you need for preparing a particular dish. However, if you don’t find one, it is easy to use a sample and then edit it to make it relevant.

These cards can be designed in a compact paper form which can easily be pasted anywhere in the kitchen so that you can easily access them whenever you want. They are very easy to carry around. If you want to have a digital copy that you can keep on your phone, you can simply download the sample on your phone after personalization and then it can be shared with anyone.

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