MS Excel Fitness Planner Template

A fitness planner refers to a tool that keeps records of individual health and fitness over a specific period of time. Physical fitness contributes a lot towards the well-being of an individual and is always preferred over other types of health issues. It is difficult to achieve the fitness because it includes several diet restrictions and a full regime of workouts. After achieving desired fitness goals, maintaining the same health can also be an issue because it tends to deteriorate as soon as you choose unhealthy eating habits or skip workouts due to any reason.

A sound mind in a sound body is the prerequisite for achieving anything in life. From getting house chores done to achieving career goals, a healthy and fit body is required. Fitness can be achieved through various methods i.e. exercise, yoga, meditation, walking, jogging, keeping a check on calorie intake, and by avoiding processed food items. It can be a very difficult journey therefore, it is important to keep yourself motivated and also focused on your desired goals.

Fitness planners can do wonders in keeping oneself motivated by recording the progress of an individual through their entire fitness journey. It is used for recording weight measurements, dietary preferences, and other information to display a detailed chart of one’s struggle.

Initially, fitness planners start with small numbers and smaller milestones but a change can be noticed over a definite period of time. Desiring unrealistic goals and expectations regarding fitness can prove fatal because health is achieved progressively. It cannot be attained in one night therefore, consistency is important.

Contents of the planner

Fitness planners are usually simple but they have been modernized through the latest technology. Several new forms of planners have emerged which have made it easier to navigate your progress. The following information is usually provided to the planner regarding an individual,

  • Physical: name, age, height, weight, and body mass index of an individual is mentioned in the planner as a start off point. Later, these measurements are used for comparison after following a workout plan.
  • Workout: all types of workout planned with the help of professionals is mentioned in the planner. It includes various types of exercises in a definite set over the span of an hour. Workouts can also be done at the gym with heavy machinery or they can also include breathing exercises.
  • Diet: in addition to workouts, nutrition plays a crucial role in achieving fitness-related goals. Dietary restrictions vary depending on the preferences of individuals. Commonly, sugar, junk, and fatty food items are avoided. Diet includes more proteins through meat and pulses. It mostly keeps you aware of your calorie intake and makes you choose healthy food options.
  • Goals: desired goals are set prior to starting the fitness journey. It keeps you motivated and allows you to shed weight and increases your strength.

It contributes to the well-being of an individual

Fitness planner contributes greatly towards the well-being of an individual through,

  • It helps them in achieving their goals by monitoring their slow progress over a definite period of time.
  • Digital planners provide timely reminders as well as suggest warm-up exercises to keep individuals on their toes.


Fitness Planner Template