Price List Template

When people are in the market to buy something and they get their eyes on a product, the first thing that they want to know about that product is its price. It enables a person to determine if he can afford to buy that product or not. A price list is also used for the same reasons. However, it is a bit different from the price tag that is attached to almost every product.

What is a price list?

It is a document in which prices of different items offered by the seller are mentioned. This list is basically for customers who want to consider the price of a product before making any decision regarding whether they should buy it or not. Mentioning the price of every product is a great way for a business to prove that it believes in working with transparency and customers can get information about the cost of everything they are considering purchasing.

In simple words, a price list is a comprehensive list of prices of different items that are sold by a particular seller and that seller wants the customer to know about it.

What is the purpose of using the price list?

Businesses usually try to provide ease to their customers so that they revisit the store with joy. Different products are purchased in bulk or the loose form and attaching a price tag to them is not possible. Prices of such products are mentioned on the price list. Such products include fruits and vegetables.

Customers often purchase products after comparing the prices of different items at various stores. So, while they make a comparison, they don’t feel the need to ask the shopkeeper about the prices of different products.

How to design a price list?

If you are running your store and you need to attach a price list with the door so that people can view the prices easily, you will need to design a new one from scratch to maintain its uniqueness. Some businesses also share this list on their official website which requires them to make a list unique and catchy so people don’t feel that you have copied it from somewhere. Here are the things you can do in order to create a price list of your own:

 Details of the products:

The price list should mention the name of the products a seller sells including the description of the product such as its features and specifications. If the seller provides services, there should be a list of services in the price list.

Mention the price per unit:

It is important to mention the price of each product you have mentioned in the price list. The price should be mentioned in front of that product which will make it easy for people to understand.

Mention the pricing system:

Some sellers offer discounts to customers if they buy products by a particular date or if they buy in bulk. There are also some other offers and discounts for first-time buyers and also for those who pay via using their credit card. Discounts are usually specified in the form of percentages and the price after the discount is also mentioned in front of the price in the next section where the customer can read the pricing system of the store.

Although it is not mandatory, mentioning the unit in which the price is being charged can also be specified so that foreigners can also see and compare the price with the international price.

Mention the code of each product:

A code is assigned to every item in the inventory for the shopkeeper who wants to effectively manage the inventory of the store. So basically, this section is for the storekeeper and for those who work as salespersons and need to access those products when a customer places an order.

Terms and conditions of the store regarding price:

Those who have a look at the price are often very quick at building assumptions. For instance, they think that they can bargain and buy the product at a price that is lower than the discounted price. Therefore, make it clear to them that the price is non-negotiable. Similarly, there can be many other terms that would like to communicate. Mention them in this part.

Price List Template